Return to Campus Action Items


For 10 days before their winter/spring arrival date, all members of our community are required to quarantine. During this time, you should remain home and avoid physical contact with others except those you live with.

We understand that some members of our community may be unable to quarantine before returning to campus because it is not feasible due to other responsibilities, in particular, our students who may be working or in training during the weeks just prior to the return to campus. In such instances, we encourage minimal contact as much as possible. Avoid large gatherings and social events, maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and others, use a face covering, refrain from touching your face and practice diligent hand washing. These practices are essential during the duration of the pandemic, but they should be attended to particularly rigorously the 10 days before a return to campus.

This quarantine can be split between your home location and Denver; however, we strongly encourage additional safety precautions during travel.

Travel Requirements

Travel requirements: During your travel to campus, everyone is expected to take careful precautions, including wearing a face covering at all times, practicing excellent hand hygiene, avoiding face touching and, wherever possible, maintaining a six-foot distance from others.

All community members are expected to follow our existing travel restrictions—specifically the restrictions against travel outside of Colorado for the duration of the term. If you must travel, you will need to remain off-campus and follow the quarantine guidelines outlined above for 7 days.

Responsibility Course

If you are returning to campus for the first time in the Winter term or Spring semester, you are required to complete the Pathway back to Campus course before return. To ensure we are all well-informed of our plan, we ask returning DU community members to complete the optional booster module of the Pathway Back to Campus course. To support the education of our community, we have engaged students, staff and faculty across units in building a comprehensive and interactive course through Canvas, our online learning management system. The course is required for everyone in the DU community prior to their campus return for 2020-2021. The approach in this course is shaped by our understanding of community perceptions and behaviors following a community survey. Further, the faculty, staff and students who have been immersed in creating this content will also be available as Community COVID-19 Education Ambassadors, helping engage their peers to further refine and realize our potential. As befits our beautiful Colorado landscape, our Canvas course will follow a mountain terrain—with content organized by difficulty and specificity of hiking trails to explore. Each course module identifies University response and resources, relevant public health orders and guidance, individual behaviors, and community responsibilities that support our action plan to create a community of care. The University of Denver has made this course available to the public as part of our commitment to serve the public good. The course has been viewed more than half a million times on YouTube.

Additional courses have been developed across time including the COVID Event Planner certification course, and, in anticipation of winter, a winter booster course section.

Flu Vaccination

Anyone returning to campus must submit proof of a flu vaccination. Vaccinations received through DU’s Health and Counseling Center are automatically uploaded to For vaccinations received off-campus, upload proof of the flu vaccination to the myhealth portal. 

To request an exemption from the flu vaccine requirement due to a medical or religious reason, submit an exemption form (here).

Received your Flu shot but don’t have a record?

If you received your flu vaccination but are unable to provide adequate documentation of your flu vaccination, you may complete the Flu Attestation Form.

  1. Download the Flu Attestation Form
  2. Fill in the information about your vaccination, including date, location, place f service
  3. Fill in the identification information and sign at the bottom of the form

The University of Denver requires an actual signature. An Adobe Digital ID will be rejected.

Email completed attestation to or fax to 303-871-4242 or upload through your MyHealth portal.

Symptom Monitoring

During the 10 days before arrival, everyone will be required to answer questions regarding potential COVID-19 symptoms, exposure to the virus, and adherence to quarantine protocols each day here. The symptom monitoring protocol will increase to twice daily once students have returned to campus and will continue for as long as they remain on campus.

To accomplish this monitoring, everyone in the DU community is expected to download the smartphone app EverBridge (on a phone, computer or tablet) that will support daily symptom monitoring and allow us to quickly contact-trace should someone in our community test positive for COVID-19. If you are not able to download EverBridge app, please instead use the symptom monitoring log in PioWeb on the top left.


If you will be in Denver or have trouble accessing a test where you live | You may provide a validated negative molecular test result for the virus that causes COVID-19 from a location of your choosing collected during your 10-day quarantine window. You may make an appointment via DU and our health partner, NJH, to take the test in Denver, administered by a trained medical professional at Please allow 2-3 days for results before your planned return to campus date.

If you will be outside Denver | If you will be outside of the Denver metro area during the 10 days before your winter arrival date, we encourage you to complete a test at a testing location in your area and provide the verified results to us. Please be sure to confirm the test is an RT-PCR molecular test via nasal swab (not a rapid test, antigen test or analyzed via pooled analyses). If you are unable to access a test in your 10-day window that meets these specifications, please test as soon as possible after arrival in Denver at the testing pod. Residential students in this situation will be supported to quarantine in their room while they await test results (and will be asked to simultaneously provide a nasal swab and a saliva sample for rapid analysis). Off-campus students, faculty and staff will be asked to await results before participating in in-person activities.

Testing on campus is provided to students, faculty and staff at no additional cost. Access MyHealth to make an appointment.

If you test positive, we strongly encourage you to immediately contact a healthcare provider and require you to delay your arrival on campus until:

  • Ten days have passed since your first symptoms; and
  • You are fever-free for 24 hours (without medication); and
  • Symptoms have improved; or if asymptomatic, 10 days have passed since your positive test date and you have not developed symptoms consistent with a COVID infection

If you test negative, you may return to campus on your selected return date as planned, having followed all quarantine protocols listed above. Proof of a negative test and adherence to symptom and quarantine monitoring will be required to return to campus (see exception above for on-campus residents).

If you have been exposed to someone known or presumed to have COVID-19, this will trigger the same requirements as a positive test, including delaying your travel and return to campus for 7 days, accompanied by testing and symptom monitoring.