Return to Campus by Term

Return to Campus Procedures – Fall Term

Substantial evidence—from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, public health officials across the nation, our epidemiologists from NJH and our own in-depth modeling—shows that the more we do upfront, the more we can contain the virus.

Here is what we are requiring of everyone BEFORE returning to campus each term:

Those in our community who planned to return in the Fall have returned efficiently. In brief, Fall return required 5-steps:

1. Notification of fall campus return date

2. Responsibility course

To ensure we are all well-informed of our plan, the entire DU community completed the Pathway Back to Campus course in Canvas before their arrival date on campus.

3. Pre-arrival quarantine

For 14 days before their fall arrival date, all members of our community were required to quarantine. During this time, you should remain home and avoid physical contact with others except those you live with.

4. Symptom Monitoring

During the 14 days before arrival, everyone was required to answer questions regarding potential COVID-19 symptoms, exposure to the virus, and adherence to quarantine protocols each day here. The symptom monitoring protocol will increase to twice daily once students have returned to campus and will continue for as long as they remain on campus.

To accomplish this monitoring, everyone in the DU community was expected to download the smartphone app EverBridge (on a phone, computer or tablet) that supported daily symptom monitoring and allowed us to quickly contact-trace should someone in our community test positive for COVID-19.

5. Pre-arrival Testing

Prior to arrival on campus, all students took an RT-PCR test for the virus that causes COVID-19 (not a rapid test or a pooled samples test). We worked closely with everyone to enable a safe and timely return.

Return to Campus Procedures – Winter Quarter/Spring Semester

Adaptations for Winter/Spring Return

Winter return largely includes individuals who already successfully participated in person in the fall. Further, guidance has changed since August when fall plans were implemented, and we have carefully reviewed our Fall return data in determining these adaptations. Winter return requires 3 steps:[SW1] 

  1. Flu vaccine or exemption
  2. 10-day pre-arrival quarantine logged via the quarantine daily log
  3. Negative COVID-19 nasal swab RT-PCR (taken at the pod or external test upload and acknowledged)

Once You are on Campus

If you follow the university protocols, test negative and are free of symptoms you can expect to be in your classes as anticipated and enjoy your face-to-face experiences observing all social distancing and facial covering protocols, as well as other stated precautions.

Regular periodic testing:

Additionally, we will conduct regular periodic testing of students, faculty and staff each week at no charge to individuals. In Winter term, this required regular periodic testing will occur more frequently. Individual testing schedules and compliance will be viewable on PioneerWeb.