Support For Students

DU is committed to supporting students in completing required courses for their majors or graduate programs of study and staying on track towards their expected graduation. As part of this commitment, DU places high priority on value-added student support services to complement a quality DU educational experience for all students, whether on campus or connected to campus remotely. The following academic and technology support initiatives and offices are included as examples of DU support for student learning across course modalities.

We surveyed students mid-spring quarter to identify challenges they experienced across the modalities of course delivery (hyflex hybrid, online). These challenges are specific to experiences during Spring Term 2020, but the responses were used to address 2020-21 student support. A new student satisfaction survey was conducted in late fall to futher refine campus supports. 

Academic Support

The University offers a robust portfolio of academic support services, each of which supports the student experience by providing personalized programming, services and facilities designed to foster student development and help students navigate their academic experience. Each support area also provides online support in response to COVID-19 precautions.

Student Technology Support

  • IT Student Resources and Help Center

    DU IT offers extensive student resources, as well as support through its Help Center. IT worked with and will continue to work with technology-challenged students on laptop and wireless connectivity issues.

  • Laptop Loaner Program

    IT will continue to loan laptops to undergraduate and graduate students as was done in Spring 2020.

  • Academic Software

    DU continues to offer a range of software free to students, faculty, and staff. Please see this page for details about what software is currently available. As of Summer 2020, available software included Adobe Creative Cloud, various statistical software programs, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more.

  • Office of Teaching and Learning

    The Office of Teaching and Learning offers online resources to support students in remote learning, available through this page

Community COVID-19 Education Ambassadors

Culture and education setting are critical to better understanding the virus, how to mitigate risk, and how it takes each of us, and all of us, following the protocols to stay healthy and safe together. To support this culture and education setting through empathy and care, those of us involved in the planning, including students, faculty and staff serve as Community COVID-19 Education Ambassadors to continue to educate on new knowledge and behavior to keep ourselves, each other and the community healthy and safe. Together, we engage in our Community of Care. We welcome your interest in becoming an ambassador, please volunteer at