Symptom Monitoring

Beginning May 11, 2020, we implemented University-built symptom monitoring software integrated with daily text messaging sent via our emergency notification system. 

To sign up to receive daily text notifications: 

  • Log on to PioneerWeb
  • Click on the Employee tab 
  • Under the My Resources Section (on the far left) click on Employee Information 
  • Click on Critical Incident Notification Preferences 
  • Enter your cell number 

Everyone with access to campus buildings is asked to report, twice daily, on symptoms that could be indicative of COVID-19. Once daily, they are also asked whether they have traveled out of Colorado and whether they have been in contact with someone positive or presumed positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Depending on their answer to the symptom survey, individuals are advised whether to return to campus, and if not, what steps to pursue (e.g. self-quarantine, see their medical provider, etc.). Compliance with the requirement to complete the symptom monitoring software is determined via daily comparison of the ID# with survey responses and the ID#s of people with campus access. Non-compliant responders receive follow-up support to resolve technological issues, handle accidental non-compliance, and allow temporary stops for vacation. Persistent non-compliance results in termination of campus access.