Symptom Monitoring

Beginning May 11, 2020, we implemented University-built symptom monitoring software integrated with daily text messaging sent via our emergency notification system. As we integrated EverBridge, we migrated to using a symptom tracker that is part of the app. Users can receive daily reminders for the required twice-daily symptom monitoring. Users who do not choose to download EverBridge are still required to complete daily symptom monitoring; however, they can use the University-built symptom monitoring option in PioneerWeb for this purpose.

To sign up to receive daily text notifications:

  1. Log on to PioneerWeb 
  2. Click on the “Employee” or “Student” tab
  3. Under the “My Resources” section (on the far left) click on “Employee/Student Information”
  4. Click on “Critical Incident Notification Preferences”
  5. Enter your cell number

Everyone with access to campus buildings is required to report twice daily on the presence or absence of symptoms that could be indicative of COVID-19. They are also asked whether they have traveled out of Colorado and whether they have been in close contact with someone positive or presumed positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Depending on their answer to the symptom survey, individuals are advised whether or not to return to campus, and if not, what steps to pursue (e.g. self-quarantine, see their medical provider, etc.). Compliance with the requirement to complete the symptom monitoring software is verified via daily comparison of the ID# with survey responses to access records. Non-compliant responders receive follow-up support to resolve technological issues, handle accidental non-compliance and allow temporary stops for vacation. Persistent non-compliance results in termination of campus access.