IT@DU provides a variety of resources to help community members navigate the technical challenges of COVID.



  • How can I be sure that my data privacy is protected with the tracing and tracking required to mitigate COVID-19?

    Security and privacy have been paramount considerations as DU evaluates contact tracking digital technology and potential integration with symptom monitoring. It is critical that we not only select a firm that had years of experience with data security and privacy, but also had the credentials, certifications, and independent oversight in place to ensure safeguards remain current in a landscape of more intense cyber-attacks.  The selected vendor will have a comprehensive set of security requirements and controls based on the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations, the ISO standards, and GDPR compliant. Digital contact tracing technologies that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which allows personal data to be de-centrally stored on the individual’s phone and only accessed via randomized keys, are preferred. All of the text messages and file storage will be HIPAA and FISMA compliant.

  • What if I don’t own the technology, such as a laptop, to be able to participate in online courses?

    Information Technology will continue to loan laptops to undergraduate and graduate students as was done in Spring 2020.

  • What if I need help navigating technology, such as Zoom or Canvas?

    DU’s IT offers a full page of student resources, as well as support through its Help Center. IT worked with and will continue to work with technology-challenged students on laptop and wireless connectivity issues.  

  • How can faculty members get help supporting students learning remotely?

    The Office of Teaching and Learning offers online resources to support students in remote learning, available through this page.  

  • How will classrooms use technology to adapt to hyflex courses?

    Over the summer, Information Technology (IT) will continue to equip classrooms, focusing on hyflex course needs, with cameras, sound systems, and microphones to facilitate remote broadcast/interactions, as well as to promote sound/visual quality.  IT staff will arrange to meet instructors in their assigned classrooms to help them learn to use this technology. Once the fall quarter begins, IT will regularly assess DU classroom technology, as there may need to be additional integrated equipment for learning spaces.