COVID-19 Dashboard

The need for rapid, accurate communication is crucial when it comes to protecting our community. We also count among our principles and are obligated by law to protect the privacy of those affected by a positive confirmation or those who have come into close contact with an individual who is affected. To protect privacy, DU will not release any identifying information regarding COVID-19 cases.  

We ask that the entire community support our efforts to protect one another’s privacy. Please be assured that our contact tracing protocols are very thorough and are intended to ensure anyone who has been in close contact (six feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone who has tested positive will be directly contacted.

DU’s COVID-19 Response Protocol remains first and foremost to care for those affected while identifying and addressing those situations which increase the risk of exposure to the wider community. 

Learn about our types of COVID-19 tests and testing frequency.

Denver County Case Data

Frequency of Testing

Our spring COVID-19 testing efforts will utilize three test types: nasal PCR, saliva PCR, and nasal antigen.

As of May 10th, 2021, fully vaccinated individuals with verified and acknowledged vaccination records will be required to test 50% less frequently. Everyone can check their testing requirements by logging into PioneerWeb and checking the campus access portal on the top left

The campus will follow the COVID-19 testing schedule below for the spring:


Testing Frequency

Residential students

Two tests per week

Non-residential undergrad students learning on campus

One test per week

Graduate students learning on campus

One test every other week

Faculty working on campus

One test every third week

Staff working on campus Testing at various intervals based on being high contact or low contact

Athletes, coaches, referees and other core training staff

Three antigen tests per week (as required by NCAA)

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