Contact Tracing

How it Works

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    Confirmed Positive Case

    National Jewish Health informs the COVID communicator of a positive case or a community member self-submits their positive results via email, phone, text or through the Everbridge app.

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    A trained DU contact tracer determines where the positive individual was on campus and with whom they had contact during the 10 days prior to the positive individual’s testing. This will include information from the interviewed individual who is positive, from the digital app, and from verified records (e.g. registrar data).

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    The tracer reaches out to the individual first and then notifies anyone who was believed to have been in close contact or in the vicinity of the individual who tested positive.

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    Depending on the duration of exposure and proximity to the positive individual, the contact tracer will suggest a course of action to those exposed. 

    Close contactWithin six feet of a positive individual for 15 minutes or more
    Recommendation: Quarantine; required to remain off campus for 14 days from exposure

    In the vicinity: In the same room at greater than six feet for more than 15 minutes or within six feet for fewer than 15 minutes 
    Recommendation: Continue monitoring your symptoms as generally required

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    Optional testing

    Exposed individuals can opt to be tested at DU’s testing facility for free, either through an appointment or by walking up to the testing site, located in the parking lot of the Ritchie Center.

    • Please wait to take a test until five days after exposure. 
    • Because of the virus’s incubation period, a negative test will not shorten the required quarantine window for those exposed at close contact.
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We're In This Together.

Data is hosted securely by Everbridge. DU will not require students, faculty and staff to use Everbridge nor will they be required to utilize all of the features, but we want to share with you the benefits of using the app and address concerns that you may have.

The most significant benefit of wide community usage of Everbridge’s Bluetooth proximity tracing is that our efforts will not rely upon the memories of those who test positive. 

Proximity tracing information is stored on the user’s phone. Users will be notified when someone they have been in proximity of receives a positive test result.

We need at least 60 percent of the on-campus DU community to use the  Everbridge Bluetooth Proximity Tracing feature in order to effectively conduct contact tracing. Let's DU this.

Using Everbridge for contact tracing is optional, but reporting symptoms is mandatory. If you opt not to use Everbridge, you can report your symptoms here.

We recommend that you read the instructions carefully before downloading Everbridge.


How Your Data Is Processed & Protected

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    Data related to contact tracing will be stored in secure servers hosted by Everbridge. The company has several third-party security certifications.

    • NIST 800-53
    • FedRAMP 3PAO
    • ISO 27001
    • DHS – TSP
    • GDPR
    • EU-US Privacy Shield Framework
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    Several systems feed into your DU electronic medical record.

    • National Jewish Health Test Processing
    • Your PioneerWeb "Back to Campus" Survey
    • Student Information System
    • Everbridge Contact Tracing App

Contact Tracing FAQs

Everbridge FAQs