Everbridge Download Instructions

How to Get Started Using Everbridge

Apple iOS Devices

  1. Download “Everbridge Contact Tracer” from the Apple App Store
  2. Open the Everbridge "Contact Tracer" app. Its title will be listed as "Contact Tracer" in your apps list.
  3. Click “single sign-on”
  4. Enter DUCT20 (case-sensitive)
  5. Enter your DU email and password (same as your PioneerWeb password)
  6. Select “ok” to allow Bluetooth
  7. Optional: Download the separate Everbridge app if you would like to receive a green/red card letting you know if you’re eligible to return to campus each day. You will also receive these campus access eligibility cards by email after you complete the symptom checker.

Android Devices

  1. Download “Everbridge” from the Google Play Store
  2. Open Everbridge
  3. In the find an organization or subscription, enter "University of Denver"
  4. Click on the "University of Denver" icon
  5. You will be prompted to enter your DU credentials
    • Username: Email (name.name@du.edu)
    • Password: PioneerWeb password
  6. The next screen will show your name and have blue done button – push done.
  7. You will be prompted to Allow Location Tracking. Please Allow all the time. This is not used to track your location. Bluetooth services requires Location tracking to be allowed for proximity tracing to work in Android.
  8. If your phone’s Bluetooth is not enabled, you will be prompted to allow the app to use Bluetooth. Please allow it to do so.

How to Use Everbridge

  • Always leave Everbridge open in the background to enable proximity tracing
  • Use Everbridge daily for symptom monitoring and/or to self-report a positive test for COVID-19.
    • On iPhones, use the Contact Trace app.
    • On Android, click on the shield at the bottom right.

Need Help?

Please contact the IT Help Center at 303-871-4700 or IT Support.