Vaccination Event FAQs

Who is eligible to be vaccinated?

We anticipate several thousand DU faculty and staff will be eligible when phase 1B.4 begins. To begin to meet that need, we will prioritize distribution based on input from DU’s Vaccination Working Group.

About Events

DU continues to hold vaccination events on campus with our health partner, National Jewish Health (NJH). At these events, we help NJH vaccinate eligible individuals from across the region. While our plans are dependent on the supply of the vaccine, we have committed to offering up to 1,100 vaccinations up to twice per week on campus. We will also host up to two additional and larger events each month, offering up to 3,000 vaccinations at each. 

We need volunteers for these events—especially volunteers who have already received their vaccine. Fill out this form to volunteer. Please note that we work hard to carefully assign appointments and avoid waste. Therefore, volunteering does not generally result in the opportunity to be vaccinated.

We remain committed to vaccine equity. So far, our community vaccine distribution with NJH has included early education and K-12 faculty and staff and residents living in assisted living facilities in underserved areas of Denver. In addition to this being aligned with our values, our supply of vaccine from the state is dependent upon our willingness and ability to vaccinate underserved populations, in addition to our own community members. To date, we have supported the administration of 7,500 vaccine doses and will reach nearly 10,000 by the end of the week of March 8. Thank you to everyone who has made this incredible effort possible.


  • Who will have priority access to the vaccine?

    We anticipate several thousand DU faculty and staff will be eligible when phase 1B.4 begins. To begin to meet that need, we will prioritize distribution based on input from DU’s Vaccination Working Group.

    Our first priority will be high-contact roles. These roles are largely staff currently required to take a COVID-19 test once per week. You can learn which roles are defined as “high contact” in our testing protocol document. To ensure equity, we will reserve a portion of our weekly vaccination supply for high-contact individuals and then offer vaccines to all other on-campus DU personnel through a lottery system. Everyone with active campus access after March 21 will be entered into a lottery, and those randomly selected each week will receive an email and phone invitation to schedule an appointment. You may update your vaccine survey information any time via the “COVID-19 Vaccination Portal” found on your PioneerWeb homepage. Each vaccine event will also include vaccination of non-DU affiliates, with a focus on outreach to communities with less vaccine access.

    Once on-campus faculty and staff have been offered a vaccination appointment, we will open appointments to eligible DU personnel not working on-campus. In phase 1B.4, this will include DU faculty and staff who are age 50 or over and/or have qualifying medical conditions and/or have a qualifying secondary activity (e.g., a second job in food service). Off-campus faculty, staff and students who do not meet these requirements still fall under the state’s final phase: Phase 2, General Public.

    We anticipate it could take up to several months to completely vaccinate all eligible DU faculty and staff on campus. If you find vaccine availability through your own health care provider or another source, please use that source as soon as you are able to do so. DU will provide eligibility letters for faculty and staff who qualify because they are working on campus, which can be used for vaccination at other locations. Faculty and staff who return to campus after March 21 can join the lottery pool at that time.

  • If I fit within one or more of the eligible categories what should I do next?

    If you are interested in being vaccinated on campus, and are eligible under phases 1B.3 or 1B.4 under the new eligibility criteria, please update your response in the COVID-19 Vaccination Portal on the homepage of PioneerWeb.

  • What if I am eligible but did not receive an email?

    Who will have priority access to vaccine?
    If you did not receive an individual email and you are eligible as described here, this is because our records regarding your eligibility are incorrect. To correct this, please go to PioneerWeb and complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal. We will continue to update our records and support vaccination. Once you have filled out this form, there is nothing else you need to do. We will reach out regularly to people with priority vaccination eligibility.

  • What if I am eligible but have not received an appointment for the event on Sunday or cannot attend this Sunday?

    We anticipate matching individuals to specific appointments in the next 2 days. If we cannot accommodate all eligible people we will put you on a waitlist. Please be patient as we build this process for the first time.

  • What if someone I know is eligible but is not a part of the DU community?

    We are not able to directly register spouses, neighbors, parents or other eligible individuals who are not affiliated with DU or an approved community partnership. The event at DU will include spots allocated for eligible members of the public, who can visit our vaccination page for information about how to register through National Jewish Health. Their public registration is not yet open so please check back frequently for updates.

    Please be aware that public vaccination events, even larger ones, have been filling very quickly. It is important that no one shows up this weekend without an appointment. That will just lead to frustration and confusion and could delay needed vaccinations for those who are eligible.

  • Will there be future opportunities for DU community members to be vaccinated on campus when they become eligible according to state guidelines?

    We are hopeful that DU and National Jewish Health will hold additional vaccination events in the future. We will share details about them as soon as they are available. 

  • What if I would like to volunteer to help this weekend?

    Please fill out this form. We welcome your willingness to serve. Note that volunteers, however, will likely not be receiving a vaccine. Occasionally, volunteers can be vaccinated at the end of the day; but this only occurs if all spots for eligible individuals are not filled. 

  • Should I show up at the vaccine event in case there are extra vaccines that might go to waste?

    No. We have a wait list of individuals who will be vaccinated and cannot add anymore at this time. Please do not turn up without an appointment and in hopes of unused vaccine.

  • Are higher education teachers and staff considered “teachers”?

    Although in many states higher education is included in the category of essential workers labeled “teachers,” at this time Colorado is not prioritizing higher education. Without other priority categorization (e.g. age), higher education personnel will become eligible in Phase 3. Of course, this could change. DU will adapt quickly if it does. We are unable to make our own decisions about eligibility and are required to follow state definitions.

  • What's next?

    We recognize that the current situation is stressful and that the uncertainty about vaccine access and timing is very challenging. We are working hard to increase vaccination access to DU personnel who are eligible, and to those who are eligible but with more limited access, in accordance with state requirements. We will continue to engage with city and state officials and to work in partnership with National Jewish Health as vaccine availability and distribution remains very fluid.

    For now, please keep showing up for your scheduled COVID tests and take the proper precautions--wear your face covering, practice good hand hygiene and maintain social distancing. 

  • Will I be eligible to get a vaccinate at DU soon?

    Please be aware that vaccine availability continues to be somewhat unpredictable and we are not always informed about how many vaccines will be available until close to each event we co-host with National Jewish Health. Please be patient with us as we now work with the Vaccination Working Group to establish the timing and protocols for a wider distribution of vaccines to our own community members. We will share more about this process as soon as we are able. In the meantime, please also understand that we anticipate our ability to vaccinate eligible faculty and staff at on-campus events with current vaccine availability could take up to several months to complete. Thus, we continue to urge you to work with your health care provider or any other available vaccine resource if you fall into an eligible category due to your University role (e.g. teaching in person); the University will provide documentation of your eligibility via the Vaccine Portal on the home page of Pioneer Web.