NOTICE: All on-campus flu shots will be administered on the concourse level of the Ritchie Center, accessible from the south entrance only.

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    Campus Access Prohibited Without Documentation of Flu Shot by Dec. 15

    All full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff living, working and/or engaged in in-person learning on campus must receive a flu vaccine.

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    New Requirement

    The flu vaccine requirement will be extended to all future flu seasons.

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    Exemptions Available

    Medical exemptions require a letter from your doctor. Non-medical exemptions require a certificate of exemption form.

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Vaccination FAQs

  • Is the flu vaccination requirement a permanent change to the University's immunization requirements?

    Yes. This new requirement will apply in fall 2020 and all future flu seasons to promote the health and safety of our community.

  • To whom does the flu vaccine requirement apply?

    The requirement mandates flu vaccination for all full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff living, working and/or engaged in in-person learning on campus. Individuals may request exemptions for certain reasons through the exemption process here.

  • Why is the University requiring a flu vaccine?

    Given the unique and serious nature of the COVID-19 pandemic occurring simultaneously with influenza season, the University felt this action was necessary to promote the health and safety of the community. Increased access to and implementation of the influenza vaccination will protect the capacity of our healthcare systems and help keep the campus community safe.

  • What are the consequences for employees who do not get a flu shot?

    Individuals will be allowed access to campus if...

    • They have provided documentation that they have received the 2020-2021 flu vaccine, or...
    • They have an approved exemption.

    If neither of these requirements are met, the individual will not be allowed on campus. If being denied access to University facilities affects an employee’s ability to perform job functions, please work with your supervisor to determine if there may be alternative work options. If alternative work options are not available, employees may face disciplinary consequences as determined by the employee’s supervisor in consultation with HR Partners.

    Similarly to our 2020 fall term, should you become ill with influenza or a similar flu-like illness, you must remain off campus for the duration of your illness to allow for a full recovery and assist in keeping our community healthy. 

  • How should I provide proof that I have received my flu shot?

    If you received your flu vaccination on campus, no further action is required.

    If you received your influenza vaccination outside DU, you may upload a receipt or other proof of vaccination through your MyHealth portal:

    1. Click on Messages (on the left sidebar)
    2. Then click the “New Message” button.
    3. Select “I want to submit my Flu (influenza) vaccine record to the HCC.”
    4. Then upload your record and send.

    Please include your DU ID number and your first and last name with all communications.

    You may also email an influenza vaccination receipt or supporting documents to or fax to 303-871-4242.

    If you have further questions, contact the DU Health and Counseling Center for assistance at 303-871-2205 or

  • Can I get an exemption to the flu vaccine requirement?

    Yes. You may request an exemption through the following process:

    Medical exemptions require a letter or statement on letterhead by your doctor indicating the clinically supported reason you should not receive the required vaccinations. Medical exemptions must be renewed annually.

    Nonmedical exemptions (to mean an immunization exemption based upon a religious belief whose teachings are opposed to immunizations or a personal belief that is opposed to immunizations) should complete the certificate of exemption form.  Non-medical exemptions require a statement from the individual, or parent/guardian if the individual is under 18 years of age, stating that a vaccine is against sincerely held religious or personal beliefs. Non-medical exemptions must be renewed annually.

    1. Download the Certificate of Exemption Form
    2. Fill in the identification information at the top of the form
    3. Complete the STATEMENT OF EXEMPTION TO IMMUNIZATION LAW at the bottom. The University of Denver requires a physical signature. A digital signature, such as an Adobe digital ID, will not be accepted.

    Please include your DU ID number, first and last name with all communications.

    Email the completed certificate of exemption form to or fax to 303-871-4242.

  • I will not be on campus at all during the winter and/or spring term. Do I need to provide proof of influenza vaccination?

    If students, faculty, or staff need on-campus access at any time during the winter or spring of 2021, they must provide documentation by December 15 that they have received the 2020-2021 flu vaccine or have an approved exemption or accommodation. You do not need proof of vaccination if you won’t be on campus for any reason in the fall, winter, or spring terms.

  • When will the 2020-21 flu vaccine be available?

    The vaccine is available now. You can get your flu vaccine at our on-campus clinics, at retail pharmacies, or through your healthcare provider.  Dates, locations, and times of on-campus clinics will be announced soon.

  • What is the cost of the on-campus flu vaccinations?

    There will be no cost for students, faculty, and staff who obtain their flu vaccine on-campus. All Affordable Care Act-compliant medical insurance plans, including DU’s employee health plans, cover influenza vaccination at no cost to the individual. 

  • If an employee does not have health insurance that covers the full cost of a vaccine, will DU reimburse the cost?

    No. Because the University is providing free on-campus flu vaccination, the University will not reimburse employees for the cost of a vaccine obtained elsewhere. You can also contact your local public health department for information about other options for free or low-cost flu vaccines off campus.

  • Will DU hold off-campus flu vaccine clinics?


  • If I do not get my vaccine, and therefore am restricted from the DU campus, can I still attend class/work remotely?

    All students have access to online learning options.

    For faculty and staff, if your supervisor determines your job does not require you to be on campus, you may work remotely.

  • I am at high risk for COVID-19 and am thus staying home. Must I go to a health care facility or pharmacy to get a vaccine?

    No, but we strongly recommend you consult with your health care provider to get a medical recommendation about the relative risks of foregoing the flu vaccine versus receiving it. However, to protect the DU community, you will be restricted from campus (other than for student healthcare needs at the HCC), unless you have provided documentation that you have received the vaccine or an approved exemption or accommodation.

  • Will hourly workers be granted time off to obtain the vaccine?

    Hourly employees may arrange with their supervisor to schedule up to two hours of paid time to receive the vaccine.

  • Does the flu vaccine requirement apply to union-represented employees?

    DU will collaboratively review the impact of this new requirement with on-campus union representatives for employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

  • Does the flu vaccine requirement apply to contractors?

    Independent contractors, vendors and other visitors to the DU campus are not subject to the vaccination requirement, but DU strongly encourages all individuals to be vaccinated. [Note: DU has restricted access to campus by non-affiliated individuals.

  • What is the deadline to submit documentation that I have received a flu vaccine or approved exemption?

    The firm deadline is Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

    This deadline applies to students, faculty, and staff who will have an on campus presence for Winter 2021.  If you are currently working or learning remote but are later required or wish to access the DU campus (other than as for student healthcare needs at the HCC) during the 2020-2021 flu season, you must provide proof you have received the flu vaccine or an approved exemption or accommodation (or have a request for exemption or accommodation pending).

    Even if you continue to work or study remotely, everyone is encouraged to obtain the 2020-2021 vaccine consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, as well as recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

  • Does the flu vaccine requirement apply to visiting scholars and students?

    Because one of the main purposes of the vaccine requirement is to promote the health and safety of everyone on campus, the requirement applies to all students, faculty, and staff with campus access. It does not matter whether a person is a paid employee or a student enrolled in a degree program at DU, but rather whether they are a student, faculty or staff member coming to campus to live, work or learn. Accordingly, the requirement does apply to individuals who are appointed as visiting scholars and visiting non-degree students taking classes at DU.

  • Does the flu vaccine requirement apply to children enrolled in Ricks Center for Gifted Children or the Fisher Early Learning Center?

    No. However, these centers are subject to state laws governing mandatory vaccinations. Ricks and Fisher may also implement similar vaccination requirements consistent with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • How do I get the flu vaccine?

    You can get a flu vaccine on-campus flu clinics, through your healthcare provider, or at retail pharmacies. Dates, locations, and times of on-campus clinics will be announced. 

  • I am afraid of getting a shot. May I opt out?

    Please speak with your health care provider about your options. Where available, people can get vaccinated with a nasal spray rather than a shot. Fear alone is not a basis for a medical exemption.

  • Will DU require a COVID-19 vaccine when one is developed and available?

    DU looks forward to the development of an effective vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. Vaccines are in development and only recently began testing in human trials. DU is monitoring progress on those vaccines. As new vaccines receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration, DU may reevaluate its immunization requirements in consultation with our own internal experts, our healthcare partner, National Jewish Health, and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Can I get the flu from getting the influenza vaccine?

    No. Flu vaccines cannot cause flu illness. Flu vaccines given with a needle (i.e., flu shots) are made with either inactivated (dead) viruses or with only a single protein from the flu virus. The nasal spray vaccine contains live viruses that are attenuated (weakened) so that they will not cause illness.