Current Phase: Phase Two

The University is now in the second phase of a five-phase plan to very gradually bring employees back to campus to do their work safely and in compliance with orders from the state of Colorado and city of Denver. Chancellor Jeremy Haefner has been very clear that will be proceeding thoughtfully and with caution, to be sure that no one returns to campus before we have in place all of our necessary measures for daily individual health checks, physical distancing, wearing face coverings in our buildings and on our grounds, and keeping our work spaces clean.

Chancellor Haefner has appointed a Testing-and-Tracing Working Group to explore collaborations with local health-care providers and ensure that we follow best practices that are critical to mitigating potential spread of the virus once our campus becomes more open.

The preliminary plan was explained in a community town hall held on May 6. The full video recording and campus access and support plan are posted online.

Resources for Employees

Resources for Employees Returning to Work

Human Resources and Inclusive Community will help employees navigate confidential questions such as how to best care for oneself and family members, how to manage paid time off, and other health and safety concerns.

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Shared Services

Shared Services manages central payroll, benefits, and DU’s new leave-sharing program for use during major disasters (such as the coronavirus) or when catastrophic illness or injury strike.

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Employees who may need workplace accommodations during the return-to-work process can find confidential assistance.

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Phase Two Details

During Phase Two, we plan to begin opening our campus in the following ways:

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    Unit leaders and supervisors will communicate with their teams about which employees are most needed on campus. More information can be found in Chancellor Haefner’s May 8 message.

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    You will be notified when you are expected to return to work; otherwise you should not come to campus.

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    Individual buildings will continue to be locked and only staff who are approved to return to work will be able to enter using their Pioneer card.

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    Clear signage listing health and safety requirements will be posted around our campus grounds and outside of every building.

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    Every campus employee will be required to do a wellness screening before returning to campus through a Qualtrics survey. The screening will ask for temperature and symptoms and individuals are to complete this once daily before entering a building. One screening location will be available for individuals without access to technologies needed to fill out the survey. More information will be available shortly.

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Keeping Employees Safe

If you are immunocompromised or caring for someone who is, or you have other health care issues that would place you at risk, you will have the option to continue to work from home if your work can be done remotely. The same is true, of course, for anyone who has, or may have been, exposed to COVID-19.


  • Phase One—March 16 to May 8

    Population: On-campus essential personnel only

    Only on-campus essential workers were allowed on site. This phase began before Denver’s Stay-at-Home Order went into effect, and ended on May 8, when the order expired.

  • Phase Two—May 9 until at least June 8

    Current Phase

    Population: No more than 20% of faculty and staff and no more than 50% of people per building

    Coincides with Denver’s Safer-at-Home phase, which is scheduled to be in effect in Denver beginning May 9, and across Colorado until at least June 8. During this phase, we will begin slowly and gradually working toward the goal of having 20 percent of our employees on campus. Beginning the week of May 11, the first employees needed back on campus are central financial officers and a small group of faculty who are engaged in research, scholarship and creative work. For more information about your personal work assignment, you can reach out to your supervisor. If you have not been notified, do not come to campus.

  • Phase Three—Dates to be determined

    Population: 40%

    This timeframe is unknown and will depend, in part, on Colorado and Denver guidelines, and in part, on what we learn during our own phase two. Our goal in this phase will be to work slowly and safely toward having 40 percent of employees on campus, with everyone following best practices for physical distancing, health checks, and other precautions.

  • Phase Four—Dates to be determined

    Population: 80%

    Again, we cannot predict the timeframe, but in this phase, our goal will be to continue working prudently toward full strength of our workforce and 80 percent of employees on campus.

  • Phase Five—Dates to be determined

    No restrictions

    In this phase we will enjoy unrestricted travel, no limits on group sizes, open access to buildings, and other “normal” activity. We all are eager to imagine this phase will be possible sooner than later, but again, we will reach phase five only once we can ensure the health and safety of our community members.

Town Hall -- May 6, 2020