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Black Male Initiative Summit



The Black Male Initiative Summit (BMIS) provides 8th through 12th grade Black male students with an opportunity to participate in a program that promotes leadership, academic achievement with an emphasis on graduating High School and attending a post-secondary institution, and community involvement while developing their Black male identity. School leaders from across the Denver metro area are asked to nominate students that have demonstrated strong leadership qualities and personal characteristics of excellence. Engaging and interactive workshops are led by Black males who are committed empowering young Black men to be a role model in their school, community, and family.
The 11th annual Black Male Initiative Summit (BMIS) will take place Saturday, February 27, from 9:00am – 1:00pm. The University of Denver is hosting this year's Summit VIRTUALLY via Zoom.

Registration Information:

Students Registration: Click here.

Adult Track Registration: This is for School Educators, Leaders and Administrators, Counselors, and Community Members, as well as, parents/guardians. Click here

Facilitator Registration: Click here.

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BMIS and BW LEAD Scholars Program:
The BMIS and BW-LEAD Scholars Program is for Black females and males that continues the conversations and momentum developed by the Summit in leadership, education and Black identity. This expansion will provide scholars with opportunities to connect with our program on a regular basis through events, workshops and visits to the University of Denver, various Colorado companies and 4 year institutions. This program will also allow scholars to explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) primarily, as well as what it takes to be academically successful now and in the future while developing a stem identity.


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