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The Cultural Center

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Programs & Services

Pioneer Pathways Program (P3)


While the Pioneer Pathways Program (P3) will continue to support the academic success of current scholars, P3 will be not accepting new students for the next two years to further develop program experience for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year scholars.

Pioneer Pathways Program

P3 provides support to incoming students as they transition into the DU Pioneer community. Through this program, P3 scholars explore and critically analyze aspects of power and privilege, while concentrating on academic enrichment and college success. P3 also provides guidance and skills to students over their four year college career as they prepare for Master’s and Doctorate Degrees at DU or at other institutions.

The program has a cohort model in which each incoming class of P3 scholars engaging in a 5 day pre-collegiate experience prior to Discoveries Orientation and continued quarterly programming throughout the P3 scholars' tenure at DU. The programming includes workshops, trainings, and activities which fall into the following categories:

  • Academic enrichment through a defined curriculum: The program will assist students to create connections to and partnerships with crucial academic offices including Academic Advising, the Writing Center, the Research Center, and Career Services.
  • Social/Cultural support: As an example, programs or events might aid students in connecting to and utilizing the various opportunities on campus to be involved; fostering a sense of belonging for students.
  • Workshops: “Power and Privilege,” professional development, research procedures, career and degree exploration.
  • Inclusive Excellence engagement: Students are required to engage in both university-wide Inclusive Excellence events, such as the Diversity Summit, and also go through a series of trainings, workshops, and activities to aid students in critically understanding and exploring Inclusive Excellence.
  • Personal development: During their pre-collegiate days, students will begin personal exploration and a personal asset-based approach by completing Strengths Quest. Personal development will be fostered during their four years through mentoring and possible engagement in programs like Voices of Discovery.
  • Professional Development: Students will be connected with undergraduate research and internship opportunities at DU and other institutions and companies. They will receive valuable training for research assistantships. Scholars will also be linked with graduate exam preparatory programs and guided through the graduate school application process.

"The Pioneer Pathways Program (P3) has really given to me an experience that can't be duplicated. The first week in my college experience was pivotal; it allowed me to make new friends, gain new experiences, as well as learn some college tricks that I continue to use." - T. Aliman, P3 Scholar

"I did not know anyone before I came to the University of Denver and I was very nervous about making friends. I am a first generation college student and I was completely uncertain about the path I would need to take to be successful in college, and what resources were available to me. During my time in P3, I met an amazing and diverse group of people who I connected with and have become a support network for me. I also was connected to many resources that have helped me in my career as a student. I most enjoy the support network that P3 offers to me. I am very close to my fellow scholars and it is always assuring to see a friendly face on campus." -M. West, P3 Scholar

For more information, please contact Anthea Johnson Rooen, MBA, Director for Inclusive Excellence (IE) College Access & Pipeline Programs.