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Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence

Peace, Justice & Inclusive Communities

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The 2018 Diversity Summit focused on the intersections of social justice and sustainability. Framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this year's summit provided opportunities for self-reflection, discussions, and actions that support inclusive, just and sustainable communities.

While previous summits have focused on building awareness and inspiring action around topics of diversity and inclusion, this year's focus merged these themes with those from the Sustainability Summit, emphasizing the overlaps between environmental and social justice work. As we learned during events like Flint and Standing Rock, environmental disasters are often caused and exacerbated by deep social inequalities – and vice versa. We must stand together to address challenges of diversity and sustainability through a social justice lens.

Presenters and workshops centered on this intersection and highlight how the causes and impacts of racial injustice and environmental exploitation often stem from the same dominant narratives. Whether your passions involve healthy and just food and energy solutions, keeping our water and air free of pollution, or understanding land use and water rights, we must first understand that structural inequalities underlining access to resources and power exist both globally and locally – even here on our University campus. Even as we protest the injustice of existing flows of materials and power, we must shape our future to address the needs of everyone, across generations. By recognizing that equity and social justice are the foundation for sustainable outcomes for generations to come, we can begin to work together as one community to enact solutions.

And the Summit was just the beginning. The beginning of long, fruitful conversations; the beginning of a thoughtful and deliberate collaboration between for collective impact; the beginning of a greater understanding of and opportunity to learn from multiple perspectives and experiences; the beginning of an intentional change in our narrative and actions for the greater good of all communities. Because we are stronger in solidarity.

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