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What is a Chaplain?

A chaplain is a professional who offers spiritual advice and care in a specific institutional context, such as a military unit or a college campus, hospital or prison. Although chaplains often provide religious services for members of their own faith communities, the main role of a chaplain is to facilitate or accommodate the religious needs of all individuals in the institution in which he or she is working.

Chaplains often serve as experts on ethics to their colleagues and employers, providing insight to such diverse issues as organ transplantation, just-warfare, and public policy. Professional chaplains do not displace local religious leaders, but fill the special requirements involved in intense institutional environments. (Taken from the Hartford Seminary website.)

My own personal take on this is that my service in this role is a logical, and visible, outgrowth of my own religious commitments. As a Christian, I believe that hospitality to all is one of the highest callings; I simply seek to embody that, and have found a wonderful place at the University of Denver to do so.

Are there Sunday services in Evans Chapel?
  • The University does not hold regular services in the Chapel.
  • There is a church that currently meets on campus on Sunday mornings: Denver United Church, as well as several other nearby churches.
  • In addition, when school is in session, there is a Catholic Mass in Evans Chapel on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm.
  • A list of local worship sites can be found through a link in the column to the right.
Is there a Catholic mass on campus?

During the academic year, there is a Catholic Mass in Evans Chapel on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm.

I am a member of a particular religious group. Is there a student group for me?

Indeed, there might be! Please visit the University Faith Groups page on this website. If there isn't a group listed there that meets your requirements, contact the Chaplain's Office; we might be able to put you touch with other like-minded folks!

Do you only work with Christians?

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life serves the entire University community, religious or not. Members of the office come out of their own traditions, but seek to provide help appropriate to the individual. Such help may be found in the office, or through referrals.

I am a member of a religious tradition that doesn't condone my sexual identity. Do you have resources for people like me?

The Chaplain's office is a "safe space" for conversations about religious and sexual identities. For those who are seeking immediate connections with an LGBT-affirming group, the Center for Multicultural Excellence maintains a list of local religious groups one might contact for support; it can be found here.