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The Cultural Center

Panoram view of DU campus and mountains in background, with The Cultural Center name across bottom

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Religious Diversity at DU

In a campus-wide survey in the Fall of 2011, all students -- graduate and undergraduate -- were asked a number of questions about religion on campus. One of the questions was their religious preference. This table shows their responses, showing the difference between undergraduate and graduate/professional students.

View the Religious Diversity (PDF).

If you're interested in exploring SOME of this diversity, but don't know where to begin, you might start by understanding your "spiritual type".  Try the survey linked below!

Spiritual Type Indicator

Religious Resources Around DU

  • Local Worship Sites – This file is a list of the worship centers nearest DU (or most accessible by public transportation). We strive to have the most up-to-date contact information for each site.
  • Religious Bookstores – This is a PDF brochure with religious bookstores, restaurants that might cater to specific cuisines, etc.

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