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The Cultural Center

Panoram view of DU campus and mountains in background, with The Cultural Center name across bottom

Campus Organizations

DU Religious Council

Our Vision

The Cultural Center & Spiritual Life passionately advocates for the integration of religious, spiritual and ethical voices and values at the University of Denver.

Our Mission

To that end, the Office:

  • nurtures the life of the heart and spirit, both individually and corporately;
  • supports the integrity of each individual community member's quest for truth, meaning, and belonging;
  • celebrates the diversity of the world's religious and spiritual traditions, especially as represented at DU;
  • promotes meaningful encounters, engagement and understanding across lines of religious and disciplinary commitments; and
  • challenges the community to translate its commitments into action.

The University of Denver Religious Council ("DURC") partners with the Chaplain Office to accomplish that mission. The DURC is a group of official representatives of religious groups recognized by the University as serving an existing campus constituency. Not all DURC members are University employees or students; those who are not are guests authorized to exercise designated privileges. It is expected, however, that all DURC members demonstrate the ability to function harmoniously together, with respect for the University's educational environment and the beliefs and values held by other members of the University community. To that end, the individual DURC members must agree to abide by University policies and procedures generally and the following DURC policies and procedures in particular.

Those Policies and Procedures are spelled out in the document linked below. The Covenant each member signs is also found below.

DURC Policies and Procedures (PDF)

DURC Covenant (PDF)