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The Cultural Center

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Spiritual Life

Faculty & Staff Resources

Spirituality in the Classroom

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation used in the Office for Teaching and Learning's "Coffee Break" on Religion in the Classroom.

Spirituality at Work

An occasional series of conversations about how one's spiritual life and one's work life intersect. Most discussions center around an article or selection from a book.

Past reading selections include:

Soul and Role

Faculty and/or staff have been invited to join a monthly exploration of the intersection of "who we are with what we do". Please visit the Soul and Role page for more information. 

Care for the Ages

Care for the Ages was a collaboration between the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life and the Graduate School of Social Work, supported by Human Resources. It was our hope that it would be a resource for those members of the community who are dealing with aging relatives, and/or, who are part of the "Sandwich Generation" (caring for both parents and children).

The program took several forms: (1) occasional presentations on a topic related to care (e.g., legal documents, how to choose a care facility, how to deal with a parent who lives several states away, etc.); (2) brown-bag discussions for sharing ideas, support, complaints, etc.; and (3) a web resource with pointers to helpful sites, videos, podcasts, etc.

In addition, there are helpful sites, such as carefreedental, which helps all ages, on how to help sufferers care for their dental health.