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The Cultural Center

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About The Cultural Center

Student Staff

Victoria C
Victoria Cervantes
Major: International Business
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Currently, I work at The Cultural Center as a Program Assistant, which, to me, is one way I can help create a better environment for students of color on campus. I think The Cultural Center is doing its best to support students, so we're always open to new ideas in order to improve."
Victoria K
Victoria Kaufman
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Aurora, Kaufman
"How do you feel about The Cultural Center and what is your role: The cultural center is a great, fun place to find a lot of awesome programs, alliances, clubs, and overall some really cool, wonderful people!ūüĒ•ūüėéūüíē I personally am assistant coordinator to the great program of Excelling Leaders Institute!"ūüėä
Noire Lin
Major: Molecular Biology
Hometown: Chicago, IL
"I love what The Cultural Center stands for, and I couldn't be more grateful to have the opportunity to plan programming that gives students with backgrounds like mine the chance to grow their natural sense of leadership. As an Assistant Coordinator for the Excelling Leaders Institute (ELI), I try to remind students that they are enough, that they are loved. To listen to our students' voices, especially to those who have never felt like they were being heard, is an honor."
Mary Kudoadzi
Major:Computer Science
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado 
"I love my role. It really helps keep me involved with what's going on campus in the communities I care about most. Primarily, I do programming for Black Women with Edom Mekbib. I love helping to create space for my fellow Black women."
Edom Mekbib
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado 
"I'm one of the programming assistants at The Cultural Center. I work to create spaces for black women on campus and The Cultural Center plays a big role in helping me make that happen. The Cultural Center on campus ensures me that I have a community to turn to for support and guidance."
Matthew Solomon
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
"I personally really enjoy The Cultural Center aside from doing work there it is a place that I consider my safe place on campus where I can just relax and escape from all the stress from school. I am an event coordinator at The Cultural Center."
Ellen Kaufman
Major: Studio Art and Computer Science
Hometown: Aurora, CO
"The culture center is a community that gives people space for people to be who they are, have fun, and advocate for themselves and other students. As the coordinator of the outdoor leadership program (OLP), I have really enjoyed creating events and helping give students opportunities to explore and access the outdoors in ways they did not have the opportunity to before. I hope with the coming years OLP and the culture center gain participants and grow with opportunities and resources."
Brianna Makumbi
Major: International Studies and Marketing
Hometown: Arvada, CO
"The cultural center is safe space for us to express ourselves and we're given the platform to speak and be heard. Actively working to educate campus and creating allies that our communities desperately need. My role is the editor of The Cultural Center's newsletter DU Code Switch.
Peaches Aragon
Major: International Business
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
"I'm one of the Head Coordinators for the Excelling Leaders Institute (ELI). ELI and other programs from The Cultural Center helped give me a community at DU. It's so great having a place to belong, feel support from, and hang out with friends at."
Marie Toue
Major: Biochemistry and Mathematics
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
"The cultural center has offered a place on campus where I do not feel the need to code switch in order to feel welcome. I am the assistant coordinator for the Outdoor Leadership Program, so I plan and create events that help introduce the outdoors to underrepresented students on campus."
Benjamin Powell
Major: Emergent Digital Practices
Hometown: Conifer, CO
"I am the Excelling Leaders Institute (ELI) Head Coordinator. I am grateful that The Cultural Center is creating an accepting space on campus for all students, and I'm honored to be a part of it!"