Ann Ayers

Ann Ayers


  • Staff
  • Colorado Women's College

What I do

At CWC I devote myself to making our work relevant and powerful. I drive the development of our strategy, create connections with partners both on campus and off, and look for opportunities to expand our influence and impact. At CWC we like to say, “The status quo is not our jam.” Incremental change is not enough. I am after paradigm shifts and revolutionary progress in the area of equity. I dream of a culture where everyone can be their truest and best selves and a world that thrives as a result of that complete participation. I am most fulfilled when I see my colleagues, our students, and CWC partners realize they have the power to create this change, and even more so when they activate it. 

My license plate reads HoyaHoo as a tribute to my education at Georgetown (BA - Hoya Saxa!) and the University of Virginia (JD - Wahoo WA!). I might need to add a nod to CWC and DU soon! I have always been a builder. As a lawyer and business executive, I built new companies through mergers and acquisitions across 4 continents and multiple languages. Working as a consultant in fundraising and communications, I helped build and expand some of the most influential nonprofits and foundations in the country. I’m the mother of 4 boys, an incessant reader and a Colorado native.  Within CWC I’m a vision-keeper, connection-maker and volume-turner-upper.