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With so many equity trainings, keynote presentations and "sit-and-get" lectures sharing similar messages, it's easy to gloss over actionable items that incite real change. Checking boxes has become the norm and “good enough” gets in the way of imagining what the power of a truly inclusive workplace and world could mean.

At CWC, we have a new way forward. Our work cultivates change agents who see the humanity in all people and incrementally live an equitable world into being, every day. We're moving past problem-proving research and "To Do" lists. Past measuring success and understanding the issues. We take action and focus on solutions.

The boxes we’ve been checking aren’t enough. Join us in thinking outside them.

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New Times, New College

Working from a long history of building programs relevant to the times, we’re reimagining what a college can accomplish in today’s world. Instead of new degrees, we’re building immersive, perspective-shifting learning experiences. We’re focused on learning that stimulates change. Through our Equity Labs and Hack the Household programming, CWC and our participants will push the boundaries of learning. 

Role-playing and simulation techniques create a practice field to develop muscle-memory for difficult conversations and vulnerable learning, while virtual reality and video-enabled exploratory spaces allow participants to imagine and experience new possibilities.

For organizations, Equity Labs will be transformational.

  • Checklist

    Brands with a demonstrable and genuine dedication to DEI will attract and retain today and tomorrow’s talent. 

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    Senior leaders who understand the value in an equitable future become DEI champions and lead culture change within their organizations.

  • Community

    Employees with a greater sense of belonging stay in their organizations, innovate more quickly, and make workplaces more productive.

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    Organizations that are DEI leaders have a competitive advantage thanks to true inclusion of thought, perspective and experience.


Our first Equity Lab will be housed in the Chambers Center on the University of Denver campus. Ultimately, we’ll build Labs when and where called for, including in the community and mobile labs so we can reach and engage a wider audience of change agents who are ignited to act.

Research indicates that diverse sets of inputs create better and more sustainable results, which is why we’re seeking help from other organizations. Not only do our mission partners represent in-kind and financial support, but they’re the pool from which our first adult learners will come.


How Partners Will Help

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    Technology partners who help us put our research and data into VR and other technology-enabled experiences.

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    Underwriters who help us fund research for effective work and help cover hard costs to bring the Equity Lab to life.

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    Initial learners who will experience our labs and provide data to improve them, ensuring our offerings meet organizations’ needs.

Partner With Us

Magdelana Red

Associate Dean of Programs and Partnerships