Become a Change Agent

Every day, CWC ignites an equitable world through intense perspective-shifting educational experiences that activate powerful change. We work with our partners, students and community to build the kind of world where we can all be our truest and best selves.


Transform Yourself, Transform the World

While we do educate women here, we also work to transform the limiting systems in which we all learn, work and live, because we believe women can only be empowered in a world that will honor that power. 

Efforts to advance equity in the workplace and among individuals fall short because a critical sphere of our lives is not addressed: home. Just as our days begin at home, so does equity. Our programming stresses the relationships and interconnections between home, work and self. Change can only happen marginally in any one area until it’s advanced simultaneously in all three.

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    Promoting trust, collaboration, innovation and performance through equity

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    Reimagining equity where we start and end our days

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    Cultivating change agents ready to transform the world

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