Equity at Home

Home is a cornerstone of CWC’s efforts and we’ve set out to be a true groundbreaker in this area.

Advances in equity in the workplace and among individuals are directly affected when we reshape the constraints in the home. Stereotypes and norms, biased language, and expectations without alternatives—along with the reality that domestic labor is shared inequitably—are the root causes of inequities at home.

When we address these inequities, we shift dynamics at home, at work and in society more broadly.



We offer exploratory experiences, short workshops and hack-a-thons—such as Hack the Household—that spark conversation around inequities in our personal domains and catalyze ideas that redefine this landscape.



Expanding on our current efforts, CWC will establish partnerships with like-minded businesses and community organizations. We will translate our findings into approachable, compelling and useful materials that turn acting equitably into habits and behaviors that ripple out, creating legions of change agents.

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