Through the CWC Research Portfolio, we identify, test and establish proven practices that advance equity. Rooted in the principles of Participant Action Research, which brings together research, action/experience and participation in society, all of our offerings are part of a larger research agenda that seeks to find solutions to the complex dynamics of equity at work, at home and for individuals.

Our Solutions

Measuring the success of work being done in the realm of equity is challenging. It is unclear if adding lactation rooms to workplaces improves women’s experience of re-entry post-pregnancy or if implicit bias training change actions in everyday life.

"At CWC, we are solutions-focused. In order to find solutions that work and identify the contexts within which they work best, we test everything we do."

Dr. Nancy Reichman, Research Director, CWC
woman on laptop

Our Research

Our research begins with an established methodology that helps us determine if the intervention that we are utilizing is having the impact we want it to have. By measuring outcomes and using statistics to prove impact, we validate the intervention. With every test, we validate or invalidate the effectiveness of the intervention, proving what actually works and what doesn’t. 

At this cross section of industry and academia, we put research into action. Action feeds research, outcomes for participants improve and we move the needle on equity one step at a time through an observable learning cycle.

This learning cycle, the participatory action research (PAR) approach and the methodology that we establish make us leaders in the field of equity. By wrapping all of our work into research, we quickly and credibly build a tremendous knowledge base around what works that will attract both researchers and organizations who are committed to change.

With each proven intervention and new participant, we plant seeds of change. Over time—and with extended, longitudinal research studies—we observe the breadth and depth of our impact, learning, adapting, iterating and growing proven practices that advance gender equity every step of the way.