Equity in the Workplace

A culture of equity in workplaces creates objective economic advantages through trust, collaboration, innovation and better employee performance. When the systems that perpetuate inequity are reshaped, businesses—and our economy—thrive.


Today our CWC-based Equity Lab hosts businesses and community members in immersive learning experiences that challenge participants to take active roles in transforming their perspectives, cultures and behaviors surrounding equity. Focusing on long-term empathy building using virtual reality and meaningful interaction, participants develop skills to have difficult conversations and are emboldened to begin imagining and living into a truly equitable world.

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Tomorrow, our Equity Labs will be amplified. With mobile labs and community and corporate-based labs, we will expand the impact of our work to participants beyond Denver. Taking our immersive learning experiences on the road, participants across the country will dive in to the power and potential of equity, practice using the tools and competencies to bring equity to their workplaces and beyond, shift culture and affect global change.

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