Equity Labs

Why Equity Labs?

Equity Labs are CWC’s answer to the urgent call for faster change in the diversity, equity and inclusion landscape. Progress in equity has largely stalled, so we must reimagine what an academic-based institution can do to move it forward again. The world can't wait.

Grounded in research and guided by principles of immersive learning, our Equity Labs challenge our stakeholders to take active roles in transforming their perspectives, cultures and behaviors to change both themselves and the systems around them.

What Happens in Equity Labs?

Equity Labs provide immersive educational experiences that create exploratory spaces in which participants imagine and experience new possibilities, free from the constraints of bias and inequity. 

Inside the labs, you will:

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    Utilize interactive theater or VR to build empathy that lasts

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    Develop skills and practice how to have difficult conversations 

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    Work together to imagine and design what an equitable world looks and feels like 

We don’t currently live in an equitable world, so we can’t expect people to create one on their own. The Equity Labs provide spaces where participants are encouraged to become vulnerable, to make mistakes, to try again and to stretch the limits of their imagination to explore ways they can start living equity into being.

What Makes Equity Labs Effective?

Our Labs are rooted in research. All of the programming has emerged from practices that have been proven to be more effective than traditional approaches to training and learning. Immersive, experiential learning works better than “sit-and-get” style information sharing and getting vulnerable creates the opportunity for transformational learning. Practicing something new, failing and trying again develops a kind of muscle memory that allows us to more easily tap into what we’ve learned. 

Through these techniques, we can get clarity on the kind of future we want to have, which makes its realization much more likely.

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Magdelana Red

Associate Dean of Programs and Partnerships