Our Purpose

At Colorado Women’s College (CWC), we’re disrupters at heart. We have broken with tradition to provide opportunities for women to become engaged citizens and leaders in all sectors of society. For the past 130 years, we have focused on delivering what generations of women have needed to unleash their full potential. And here we go again—this time we’re not just focusing on women; we're focusing on the wider world in which we live.

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Educating for Equity

Today, the equity work that is needed looks markedly different than it did in the past. Women are excelling in higher education, earning 57 percent of all bachelor’s degrees and 59 percent of master’s degrees. Black and Hispanic female students have seen the largest increases, and the trends are promising. Despite all this, there are only 33 women in the Fortune 500 and, on average, women make 82 cents for every dollar earned by their male colleagues.

"Women make up half the world’s population but generate 37 percent of global GDP, reflecting the fact that they do not have equal access to labor markets, opportunities, and rights. Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical economic challenge."

MicKinsey & Company, January 2019
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Looking Toward the Future

CWC has made it our mission to change that picture. Historically, the College has focused on educating women and preparing them for the world. Now, we want to turn our focus to preparing the world for those women.