Our Story

In a strategic reinvention process that lasted nine months (November 2018 - July 2019), CWC took a hard look at where equity is getting stalled and created plans and programs to get things moving.

woman studying at table

Equity Labs

Through conversations with over 50 business leaders, we learned that people increasingly understand why diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are good for business, and most agree that they’re good for humanity, as well. But, many organizations struggle with how to foster lasting, equitable and inclusive behaviors and cultures. We recognize that it can be scary to practice these things. That’s where we come in and bring our expertise as a research-driven university to DEI programs that are immersive, experiential and designed to meet workplace needs. Participants in our Equity Labs won’t just study equity and inclusion, they’ll practice them.

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Hack the Household

We surveyed nearly 400 people on where gender inequality shows up most in their lives. The most popular answer was at home. While this may initially sound surprising, it makes sense that equity can’t exist in the workplace if it doesn’t also exist at home: How can someone accept a promotion at work when they’re also primarily responsible for caring for their family and community? Our first step in this work is to “Hack the Household,” a hack-a-thon style approach that generates new ideas about how to increase equity in our personal ecosystems.

women in classroom

Leadership Scholars Program

CWC believes this work toward equity is important because when all of us can bring our fullest selves to conversations, relationships, problem-solving and innovation, the future looks much brighter for everyone. We are doing this work for our students—past and present—and our Leadership Scholars: undergraduate women who earn a four-year leadership minor with us. 

Through our Equity Labs and other new programming, we ignite a world ready to embrace the full potential of CWC women by creating a world where everyone can live their fullest potential.

Maggie Red, Associate Dean of Programs & Partnerships