Amber Newberry

Amber Newberry

Executive Assistant

  • Staff
  • Colorado Women's College

What I do

As I reflect on my role at Colorado Women’s College, the word ‘harmonizer’ comes to mind, such is my position in the symphony of our work. As the Executive Assistant to Dean Ayers, I am often the bridge to and at the convergence of many roads in the wood. Robert Frost would have loved working with me, as my struggle to juggle (puns are also one of my talents!) generally leads to a solution-via-the-road-less-traveled-by. And, I’d like to think that I make “all the difference”.

I organize the flow and function of the Dean’s Suite and am the conduit for communication with and to the Dean and other staff members. I have more than a decade of experience serving in this capacity with similar organizations, and it’s a pleasure to come to work everyday, knowing that I am at the nexus of making things happen. In addition to ‘harmonizer’, I am the ultimate connector, team hugger, well-wisher, and dog-whisperer.