Tracy Curtis

Tracy Curtis

Executive Director of Development & Community Engagement

  • Staff
  • Colorado Women's College

What I do

I have the privilege of ensuring we are engaging various stakeholders who share their voice, energy and philanthropy to support  the directional growth of the CWC. What motivates me is meeting the incredible CWC alumnae and industry leaders who want to connect with the phrase “where what if becomes what is”. 

I have spent the majority of my professional life engaging constituents and ensuring robust revenue models. I’ve worked between the Governor, United Way and various non-profit and rescue organizations in support of disaster recovery; planned events for thousands of families across many states; spoken on national stages and facilitated workshops in support of capacity growth; raised funds for the homeless and hungry, the uneducated and mentally distressed. Across the years and no doubt for the CWC, I describe myself as determined, hopeful and empowered; a brand ignitor and mission driver; and relentlessly committed to my cause.