CWC Transition FAQ

The mission of Colorado Women’s College (CWC) is to Educate for Equity and Activate Change. 2021 marks a new chapter for CWC, and this letter from the Chancellor and Provost of the University of Denver provides insight into our thinking, hopes and plans.

  • Will CWC traditions continue?

    Yes! We had a terrific Hanging of the Greens this year. Dare we say it was the first virtual Hanging of the Greens in the history of CWC? We also have new traditions the CWC Leadership Scholars have created at retreats and other gatherings. We continue to teach the scholars about the history of CWC and connect them to this powerful and inspiring legacy and community. For more information about the CWC Leadership Scholars and traditions, please contact Lauren Contreras, program coordinator, at

  • Who do I contact with questions about previous donations to support CWC?

    Please contact the Donor Relations and Stewardship team by email at or call 303-871-2699 and someone will respond promptly.

  • How can CWC alumnae stay connected?

    The University of Denver is engaging our communities across the country and activating our regional and local networks through events, professional development opportunities, community building and volunteer activities. Network leaders and volunteers play a vital role in the long-term strength and sustainability of our engaged communities. These leaders work closely with campus partners to bring meaningful events and communications to their networks. There are many ways you can stay connected with your CWC alumnae community.

    • Visit our dedicated page on the DU alumni website.

    • Connect with Lindsay Anderson ( in global networks to explore how you can play a role in keeping the CWC alumnae network connected and engaged.

    • Connect to current CWC Scholars through mentoring, volunteerism and traditions. If you’re interested, contact Lauren Contreras, program coordinator, at

  • How do I get in touch with a fellow alumnae?

    Please contact Lindsay Anderson in global networks at

  • How can I see or contribute to CWC archives, such as old yearbooks, etc.? 

    Please contact Lindsay Anderson in global networks at She can connect you with library archivists, the CWC Alumnae Association and folks who are guardians for the institutional memory of CWC.

  • I am an alumna and would like career assistance. Where do I go?

    DU’s robust career and professional development services, including the brand new Burwell Center for Career Achievement, are open to all CWC alumnae. To be connected to these services, contact

  • Where will the Colorado Women’s College Leadership Scholars program take place? 

    The Colorado Women’s College Leadership Scholars program will continue in the Chambers Center. The faculty director, faculty and program coordinator will each have offices in the Chambers Center. The classes will continue to take place in the Chambers Center, and the scholars can continue to use the Chambers Center as a place to convene, feel at home and, yes, find snacks!

  • Where will Equity Labs be located? 

    Equity Labs will be physically located in the Chambers Center.

  • What will happen to the Chambers Center partners? 

    The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, HERS, and Gender and Women’s Studies will all continue in the Chambers Center. This change to CWC does not impact their operations or physical space.

  • Is CWC closing? 

    The sustainability of CWC’s crucial programs and assets necessitates a realignment within the University. CWC is not disappearing; it’s changing. Specifically, we are eliminating the positions of dean and director of operations, and we are moving the two thriving CWC programs and their teams into other departments at DU. 

    The Colorado Women’s College Leadership Scholars will continue to operate as before, only now as part of the Office of Academic Affairs within the Living and Learning Communities programs. Academic Affairs has been a partner to CWC since the Scholars program was founded in 2016. The students who benefit from this scholarship, the curriculum, and the community will have a substantially similar experience to what they have now. They will still be connected to CWC through CWC’s alumnae and traditions. Importantly, they will be the legacy and new chapter of this important women’s program, which has been a part of DU for nearly 40 years.

    Equity Labs is a newer program that offers immersive, experiential diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training within corporations and non-profits. Its new home will be within the Graduate School of Social Work under the leadership of Dean Amanda Moore McBride and Equity Labs Executive Director Maggie Red. We are especially excited about the critically important mission alignment and expertise in DEI and social entrepreneurship that GSSW will bring to Equity Labs. This move promises a new era of growth and thriving for Equity Labs, which has just launched a new website,

    The endowments and funding that support CWC will continue to support these two programs and especially the approximately 60 women who are a part of the CWC Leadership Scholars Program. These women receive collectively over $250,000 in scholarships annually. Both programs will continue to operate within the Merle Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women.

  • How can I learn more about one of the enduring programs or talk with someone about the transition and changes? 

    We sincerely appreciate your interest and have created several opportunities to connect “live” in January and early February:

    CWC Leadership Scholars Meet & Greet (Please join us to learn more about the CWC Leadership Scholars and to meet some of the women in the program.) 
    Monday, February 8  |  4-5 p.m. MST