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Undergraduate Language Information


There are many reasons to learn languages and many ways to keep up your language practice. Check out our language learning programs to see how you can enhance your language knowledge and skills for study abroad, academic enhancement and professional goals. You can study less commonly taught languages, like Korean, Portuguese and Swedish. You can integrate, use and build your language skills in any discipline.

Language Requirements


The Common Curriculum requires that undergraduate students complete the elementary sequence of a language or take one four-credit course at their level if they place beyond the elementary sequence (level 2001 or higher). The placement test determines which language class is appropriate for the student’s language level. Alternatively, students may choose to start a new language and complete the first-year sequence in that language (levels 1001, 1002, and 1003). To satisfy the foreign language requirement, students must take and pass level 1003 or higher and will take 4, 8, or 12 language credits.

How the language placement process works:

  • Use the Language Requirement Flowchart to determine which test(s) to take.
  • Take the placement test(s).
  • Meet with a language faculty advisor to go over your score and determine the best language class for you.
  • Register for your language class.

For more information about language requirements and placement processes, please go to Language Placement .


The CWLC offers support services for language learning to DU students, including: