Ongoing Support and Advocacy Organizations

No Lost Generation

A student organization at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies supporting those affected by the ongoing global refugee crisis. For more information, see or

DU Student Outreach and Support and Pioneers Care

A note about confidentiality: as a part of this process, we work very hard to maintain confidentiality for students so they trust the work we’re doing. As a result, if you submit a report, we don’t generally report back or communicate with you about the details of how we’ll be working with individual students. A Pioneers CARE report is not for emergencies. If there is an immediate threat to a student (either through self-harm or interpersonal violence) or the community, please call Campus Safety at 303-871-3000, or if dialing from a campus phone, 1-3000.

DU Law Alumni who specialize in immigration matters

Hans Meyer, Esq., The Meyer Law Office, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204, (303) 831-0817,

Beth Padilla, Esq., 150 East 9th St., Ste #100, Durango, CO 81301, (970) 764-4547,

DU Health and Counseling Center

The Health and Counseling Center provides mental health services to DU students, faculty and staff.

  • Contact the ISS staff to offer support if you are willing to volunteer in any way.

  • Korbel Asylum Project is looking for researchers.

    o The Korbel Asylum Project partners with local attorneys in the Denver area whose clients are submitting political asylum applications. Through their partnership with the attorney, Asylum project researchers receive the testimony from the client that will be included in their application and use it to guide research on how likely it is that this individual will or will not be persecuted if they were deported. This is a fantastic project because student researchers benefit by being able to apply human rights research to "real life" scenarios, the partner attorneys represent these clients on a pro bono basis and can put more effort to the legal arguments of the case, and the asylum seekers, who are often indigent, do not have to pay for quality human rights reports.It is an especially pertinent issue at the moment, and the project is always looking for new participants to help as a researcher. If anyone is interested, email

  • Circulate Mayor Hancock’s statements regarding protection to immigrants and refugees

  • From National Immigration Law Center (NILC) Link to recording of Monday’s webinar on the Muslim ban which includes the PowerPoint presentation.

  • From NILC – For up-to-date info on the Muslim ban and the community and legal responses to it, follow NILC on Twitter and on Facebook.

  • From Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) -

    • Meet locally with members of Congress, who will be in their home districts during the February recess. The recommended date for these meetings is February 22. At the end of December, a number of former Congressional staffers published a very practical guide for engaging members of Congress, based on their years of experience of what works and what does not work for conveying a message.
    • Read this guide – Indivisible. It has been generating a lot of national action and discussion.
    • Action Alert – Call Congress people, tweet, etc. Sign up for alerts here