2021 Diversity Summit - The 20th Anniversary

We Rise to the Challenge Beyond Diversity

January - March 2021

DU is students, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, histories, futures, and perspectives.

This year's 20th annual Diversity Summit will harness the connective potential of our experiences, personal realities, and learnings, forging a path forward beyond diversity through concerted, meaningful, and combined efforts.

The Summit schedule, registration, and list of speakers will be available soon. Please check back for more information. 

Diversity Summit Registration

In the virtual space, we ask that you register for each event. Over the course of seven weeks, there are a variety of session and workshop offerings. 

To view the complete schedule, please visit the summit schedule page or the portal on Canvas.

The 2021 Diversity Summit is Presented by:

  • Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • The Diversity Summit Steering Committee
    • Kristin Deal
    • Chenthu Jayachandiran
    • Shahira Qudrat
    • Stevie Lee
    • Scott Van Loo
    • Brianna Johnson
    • Mari Henderson
    • Clara Kapustka

Thank You to Our Event Partners:

  • Division of Marketing & Communications
  • Event Media Services