Resources for Crowdfunding Project Owners

What should I know about crowdfunding at the University of Denver?

Faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and friends of DU are all encouraged to submit their crowdfunding ideas. Walk through each step of the process with our handy Crowdfunding Project Owner Toolkit, below:

Crowdfunding Toolkit

Contact or call 303-871-2298 for more information.

Creating a Video for Your Crowdfunding Project

Our most successful projects have videos that are simple, quickly inform viewers of how their financial support makes a tangible difference, and cost little to no money to produce (cell phone videos are great). It's best to keep video length between 30 - 45 seconds but no longer than 1 minute (so we can share on Instagram). Convey emotion.

Examples available here:

Check out these simple video editing tools:

Adobe Spark

Communications Resources

Communications / Editorial Calendar example

Social Media Advocacy

Social Media Toolkit

Graphics Tools

Shout - easily create simple GIFs
Canva - quickly create many different types of graphics
Ripl - create dynamic graphics while integrating with social channels

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