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DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program in the Study of Religion

Students Rel/Psych Studies

DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program

Religion and Psychological Studies

The Religion and Psychological Studies (RPS) concentration has two main emphases, but other combinations are possible.

  1. The Religion and Behavioral Sciences track is designed to help students explore the relationship between behavioral sciences, personality theory, and religion. They will be prepared to do research and teach in the fields of religion and personality, as well as psychology of religion. Graduates have the potential to teach at the college, university, or seminary level in the general field of psychology of religion.
  2. The Pastoral Theology and Care track is designed to critically and constructively train students to relate theological and psychological resources to spiritual/pastoral care, clinical work, teaching and research in the field. The requisites for this track are consistent with the membership requirements of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Despite many of the courses having been used as a partial basis for Colorado licensure as a Professional Counselor, this track is not designed to prepare students to meet the licensing requirements for clinical psychologists.

Concentration requirements

  • At least 2 Colloquia in Religion and Psychological Studies (8 credit hours total)