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DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program in the Study of Religion

Students Theo/Phil/Cultural Theory

DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program

Theology, Philosophy, and Cultural Theory

The Theology, Philosophy, and Cultural Theory (TPCT) concentration helps students develop competency to teach at least one course in each of the four subfields:

  • Theology: modern and contemporary theology and Western religious thought
  • Philosophy: Western philosophies that have had a major impact on developments in theology and the study of religion
  • Comparative Studies: theories of cross cultural comparison and their application to the study of non-Western religion and philosophy
  • Cultural Theory: modern theories and critiques of religion and culture

Graduates will also be prepared to do research, publish and teach in their subfield specialization.

Admission into this concentration presupposes an appropriate master's degree in a background related to the subfields.

Students concentrate in, and demonstrate extensive knowledge of, one of the four subfields. This subfield will be regarded as the student's special field of expertise. Regular colloquia are offered each year by area faculty, and focus on the bibliographies developed by the area. Students are required to take at least two colloquia in one of the subfields during the coursework phase of the program. A colloquium in at least one subfield is typically offered each year on a rotating basis.

TPCT Bibliographies