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DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program in the Study of Religion

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Financial Aid

Funding your future

Academic Costs 

Tuition for the 20/21 academic year will be $1461 per unit of credit. JDP students in their first two years typically take 31 units of credit. So, a typical cost schedule could look something like this:

(8 units)
Winter Quarter
(12 units)
Spring Quarter
(11 units)
Tuition $11,688.00 $17,532.00 $16,071.00
Fees $85.00 $101.00 $97.00
Health Insurance (if needed*) $1,650.00   $1,650.00
Health and Counseling Fee (Optional, but recommended if you purchase DU Insurance)  $200.00 $200.00 $200.00
Total $13,623.00 $17,633.00 $18,018.00

*If you participate in the DU Student Health Insurance Program, you will be charged only in the fall and spring quarters for 12-month coverage. You may waive participation in the program if you are covered by another plan. The Health and Counseling Fee is a recommended supplement to the Health Insurance.

** Please note that these costs are estimated using the best available information at the time this was posted. For complete information about costs and other fees, please see the official DU tuition schedule here:

Financial Aid

All financial aid awarded by the DU/Iliff Joint Doctoral Program is based on merit. We strive to maximize financial support for our students, and, at a minimum, all students admitted to the program receive funding to cover some significant portion of program costs.

In addition to aid that comes directly from the program, funding is available from the University of Denver Office of Graduate Education. Special application or nomination is required to receive these monies.

Students in their second and third year of study are eligible to apply for Graduate Teaching Assistantships, for which students receive a $2,500 stipend per course.

If you have a Tuition Discount Scholarship, keep in mind that the scholarship will cover a percentage of the tuition charge only (not including fees or insurance). It will cover the first 82 units of qualified coursework. The final 8 units of independent research (dissertation credit) are not covered by the Tuition Discount Scholarship. However other scholarships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships are often available.