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Women's Conference

Women's Conference

Keynote Speakers

Morning Keynote: 8:30 - 9:15am

Regan Byrd

"Out of Many, One"

Regan Byrd

Development and Operations Coordinator, The Bell Policy Center
Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, 9to5: National Association of Working Women

The women's liberation movement has grown and evolved many times. There was a time when the perspectives of low-income women, black women and other women of color, and trans-women were not only missing, but outright disregarded. You had no recognized voice if you were all three. In the year 2017, in a time when our country and our movements are struggling with fragmentation, a threatening political environment, and challenges regarding public perception: What are we still missing in our movements? What are the next steps? How can storytelling help us achieve our goals? Understanding how identity, storytelling, and narratives all build upon one another, may be the key.

About Regan Byrd: 
Regan Byrd is an award-winning community activist and non-profit professional with over 10 years of experience in grassroots and social justice non-profit organizations, including The Arc of Jefferson County, 9to5 Colorado: National Association of Working Women, and Hunger Free Colorado. Her current position is with The Bell Policy Center, Colorado's premier public policy research and advocacy organization, working in fundraising, operations, and financial management. She has served as the co-chair of the board of directors for 9to5 Colorado for 5 years, and is a founding member and lead co-chair of the Transit Justice Coalition. Regan is a former commissioner on the Aurora Humans Rights Commission, and former board member for the youth mentorship non-profit "YESS Institute". She is a recent graduate of the Transit Alliance's Citizen Academy, and is currently attending workshops for Democratic women intending to run for office through the "Emerge Colorado" program.

Regan has a deep commitment to social justice, institutional systems change, and collective liberation. She believes this is best done through self-reflexivity, knowledge cultivation, intentional inclusivity, coalition building, and centering marginalized perspectives.

Regan Byrd is an alumni of the University of Denver's undergraduate program, with dual degrees in Public Policy and Sociology, and minors in Gender and Women's studies, and English. Regan has been named a "Woman to Watch" by the Denver League of Women Voters, and is the winner of the 2015 Lilly Ledbetter award from 9to5 Colorado.

In her free time, she enjoys making fun of bad movies, exploring the Denver dining scene, competitive video gaming, and fawning over new technology.


Lunch Keynotes: 12:30 - 2:00pm

Chancellor Rebecca Chopp

Rebecca Chopp

University of Denver Chancellor

Rebecca Chopp is a distinguished scholar in religion and politics, with nearly two decades of administrative experience at some of the nation's leading colleges and universities.
She is passionate about helping students prepare to be leaders in their community, to achieve career success and, yes, to lead lives of great meaning.Dr. Chopp believes that academic excellence requires students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, whose different experiences and world views help us all to open our minds and develop better solutions to the problems we confront.



Linda Olson

Linda Olson

Professor/Executive Director, Learning Communities and Civic Engagement
Interim Dean, Colorado Women's College
Council Member, District 2

Administrative oversight of 6 Living and Learning Communities for undergraduates; faculty and director of the Pioneer Leadership Program, a Leadership Studies minor for undergraduates at the University of Denver. Specialties: Higher Ed. administration and teaching; cross-cultural training consultation; leadership development training; team development training.

Linda will be speaking about new initiatives for women on campus.