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HerDU 2018

HerDU 2018

Workshop Topics

Morning breakout Sessions: 11:15-12:30

All morning breakout sessions are located in Sturm Hall .

Bravery and Adventure: Keys to Leadership - Sturm 453

There are obvious relationships between bravery and adventure as drivers of creativity, resilience, focus, communication, and early decision-making. Join the coach and captains of the DU Women's Rugby Team to discover how they regularly facilitate a culture of trust and inclusiveness that encourages bravery and adventure in healthy ways. Discover how scrums and tackling drills translate into high-level leadership in classrooms and boardrooms.

Presenters: Tracy Curtis, Alex Whitt, Madison Broader, and Spencer Halliday

Financial Negotiating Power for Women: Understanding the Impact of Your Family History - Sturm 134

This workshop can help participants reframe inter-personal money relationships in a gentle, yet empowered way for personal growth. Illuminating the blocks in family history so many women experience, especially through voice and financial negotiating power, will provide understanding to help women move forward in the workplace.

Presenter:  Dana Stovern

#DUToo Takes a Stand: Workshop on Sexual Harassment - Sturm 454

Session goals: To bring students, staff, and faculty together in conversation about how sexual harassment on campus; create structure and momentum for courageous conversations that will lead to normative change; and identify what further training is necessary to increase student, faculty, and staff confidence to insert themselves into situations where they are witness to attitudes that devalue others and/or support gender-violence behavior. This workshop was prepared by students in winter quarter class ASEM 2717.

Presenters:  Andi Schlut and Nancy Reichman

The Collaborative Way: Empowering Women in the Workplace - Sturm 187

Participants will learn communication skills designed to support our efforts toward inclusion, diversity and equality in the workplace.

Presenters: Krista Barbour and Greg Giesen

Meaningful Inclusivity and Anti-Oppression: From Appreciation to Action - Sturm 287

This session will address a renewed understanding of institutional oppression and how it shows up at our workplaces, schools, etc.; a model of good allyship for challenging oppression and resistance to institutional change; and a roadmap for taking action to move your institution to be more inclusive and anti-oppressive in practice.

Presenter: Regan Byrd

Welcome Home Lunch Topics: 12:45 - 2:00

The HerDU 2018 "Welcome Home" luncheon will be held in the Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women , the home for women's organizations on the DU campus. Hosted by Colorado Women's College, the "Welcome Home" lunch will be an opportunity to engage in meaningful small-group discussions, throughout all three floors of the Chambers Center. Discussion leaders and table hosts will guide attendees in discussing key issues related to women, both here at DU and in the community, and brainstorm actions for change. Attend the "Welcome Home" luncheon to share your stories, listen to the stories of others, and help unite the DU community in support of gender equity. Boxed lunches will be provided; vegan and gluten-free options will be available.

Pathway 1: Unite our Voices through Story Sharing

During the Unite our Voices lunch pathway, you will enter a vulnerable, open space where we will hear the stories of DU community members through a variety of expression mediums. Afterward, attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on those stories and share their own stories of struggle and triumph. This pathway will provide space for authentic listening and brave story telling.

Pathway 2: Unite our Experiences with Courageous Campus Conversations

The Unite Our Experiences pathway will require participation by all to sustain a dialogue around systemic topics that are taboo on campus. Based off of the courageous Conversations racial dialogue framework, facilitators will support participants in pushing to sustain difficult conversations. The end result will be a robust, experience¬-driven dialogue that deepens the group’s collective understanding while broadening each individual’s perspective.

Topics include:

  • Sexual Assault
  • #metoo and #timesup
  • Intersectionality
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Women in Underrepresented Fields (STEM)
  • Women in Leadership
  • Motherhood: Engaging in Difficult Topics with Children
  • Healthy Relationships

Uniting in Action:
Regardless of the chosen pathway, each group will be encouraged to write down at least one idea for taking action related to their topic, at DU or in the Denver community. Information from this exercise will be collected, and shared with all conference attendees as a collected resource.

Note: We hope that you will use this time to engage in meaningful conversations with the DU community, however for those that wish to take a break to reflect on the morning, a film screening option will be provided (limited capacity).

Afternoon breakout Sessions: 2:15-3:30

All afternoon breakout sessions are located in Sturm Hall .

Develop Your Personal Advisory Board: Building a Community of Women Who Thrive Together - Sturm 187

This workshop will address: an understanding of what a Personal Advisory Board is and how it makes us stronger as a community; worksheets to use when building your own PAB and time to start working through them and ask questions; group breakout time to start putting practice of building your PAB in motion.

Presenters:  Tali Koziol Thomason and Amelia Coomber

"Hey, guys!" and Other Gender Inequities in Everyday Life - Sturm 186

This workshop will explore the manifestations of gender inequity though seemingly innocuous interactions and expressions that are common place at work. The session will also explore how these same expressions appear in the workplace, and impact team inclusivity, morale, and productivity, and will arm participants with the tools needed to educate and intervene.

Presenters:  Eric Butler and Jerron Lowe

Quiet Change in a Noisy World: Activism for Introverts - Sturm 453

Participants will identify the gifts they (or their introverted friends/colleagues) bring to their workplace and communities as an introvert; identify what gets in the introvert'sway of fulling engaging as a changemaker; and identify multuiple ways that are authentic to the nature of an introvert to effectively work for change in their communities and workplaces.

Presenters:  Karen Bensen, Camit Tam and Virginia Pitts

Postcards from the Future: A Woman's Guide to Financially Ever After - Sturm 287

Fewer years in the workforce. Longer life spans. Women saving for retirement face unique challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires swift, immediate action. Learn ways to help reach your retirement goals on schedule at this informative, hands-on workshop. TIAA workshop leaders will share retirement strategies that can help you: Identify your "retirement vision"—how much you'll need and when; Define the simple steps to getting your finances on track towards your ideal retirement; and Learn the unique characteristics of different retirement products—and which may work best for you.

Presenters:  Julie Marshall and Ivana Stanisic of TIAA

Radical Self-Care: The Unapologetic Practice of Wellbeing - Sturm 251

As women we are often vulnerable to the practice of caring for others before ourselves. But with the constant forward motion of our lives, this path of putting others needs consistently before our own can only lead to one place.... Burnout. Now, more than ever, women must foster a deeper and more nurturing relationship with themselves in order to walk the path of the rising feminine authentically and sustainably.  Radical self-care is more than intermittently tending to self. This is a revolution of self-love. This is a proactive returning to our authenticity. This is an unapologetic ritual of refilling our cups and a remembering that beyond the labels and lenses of our humanity, lies a spirit worthy of prioritizing. In this workshop we'll discuss best practices of turning inward to remember and replenish the core of ourselves and how to sustainably create rituals that serve our wellbeing.

Presenter:  Carrington Jackson