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Women's Coalition Groups

Women's Coalition Groups

Graduate Women's Council (GWC)


The Graduate Women's Council contributes to the holistic development of the University of Denver community through empowering women, providing leadership opportunities, and fostering an environment conducive to equal representation in higher education.


The Graduate Women's Council will exist as a unified voice for eliminating patriarchal culture norms that perpetuate the existence of oppression and discrimination against women within the University community and beyond.


We seek to empower women graduate students, thereby promoting the value of women on campus. In doing so, we are committed to working in collaboration with other DU groups, particularly those that represent female students, faculty, and staff. We believe that in sharing information and resources, we can more effectively work towards gender equality on campus. In the future, we plan to collaboratively organize workshops and networking events that provide opportunities for mentoring and leadership. In these workshops, we plan to provide women graduate students with support and advice on navigating graduate programs successfully, balancing work with family responsibilities, and entering the professional marketplace. We will also establish forums for the presentation of feminist research by our members. To combat gender discrimination on campus, we will organize campaigns to evaluate inadequate policies and open pathways of communication between women graduate students and faculty/staff/administrators. To expand our presence at DU, we will participate in campus-wide events that are relevant to women.

Want to get involved? Email Xiaoyi Zhu at or Jessica Johnson at