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Center for Effective Interventions

University of Denver

Center for Effective Interventions

The Center for Effective Interventions (CEI) is here to work collaboratively with agencies, communities, Tribes, and governmental entities who are interested in promoting emotional and behavioral health and wellbeing for children youth and families. We are an 'intermediary organization' – meaning that we are an independent entity that can help navigate between agency needs, local culture, and the developers of evidence-based practices. The goal of such a relationship is to provide strong localized support and partner together to create strategies and approaches that are effective for the families and the agencies.

Currently, CEI supports 21 different teams throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas to deliver Multisystemic Therapy for adolescents. Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive home-based treatment model for families with children between the ages of 12-17 who are at high risk for juvenile justice involvement. Over the past year (2016), the agencies working with CEI to deliver MST have achieved important outcomes within their communities. Given that many of these youth come into treatment with serious delinquency and substance use problems, including gang involvement, runaway behaviors, significant family discord, etc., we are really proud of these numbers and the therapists who achieved them!

  • Over 600 youth served
  • 89% of youth were living at home at the end of treatment
  • 87% were in school or working
  • 86% had no new arrests
  • 89% completed treatment

If you are interested in bringing MST to your community, please consider CEI as a partner. Together with you, we want to see the end of juvenile incarceration and promote healthy communities!

CEI is interested in increasing the suite of evidence-based treatments available to families in general – though there is a strong historical focus on MST, we want to broaden support across the system of care for children and families. With expertise in implementation science and several different evidence-based interventions for children and families, we are eager to identify partners who want to think creatively about the services available in your community. If you are interested in learning more about how to effectively implement evidence-based psychosocial interventions, please contact: [email protected].

Check out a feature article in the GSSW publication.