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Center for Effective Interventions

Center for Effective Interventions

Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to improve child and youth mental health and reduce juvenile justice and child welfare involvement through impacting the availability of evidence-based interventions for families. Our work moves the needle on critical indicators of community wellbeing in a manner that is cost beneficial to communities.

As a result of social justice-oriented, collaborative and science-informed approaches, we are a resource to the community and graduate school in practical applications of implementation science. We specifically aim to support communities to adopt new practices, including identifying needs, matching needs to potential programs, creating implementation plans, and exploring opportunities to generate new knowledge about what it takes to implement EBPs.


We envision moving the needle on critical indicators of child and family wellbeing through improving the availability of effective psychosocial interventions across the continuum of care. We envision communities being better able to address concerns related to the emotional and behavioral health of children and families as a result of the partnership with CEI.


  • Build and rely on community strengths
  • Honor cultural values and perspectives
  • Use data and best available research to inform decision making
  • Move projects forward through authentic collaboration and productive problem-solving