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Center for Effective Interventions

Center for Effective Interventions

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Current Research Projects

Suzanne Kerns Current Research:

  • Principal Investigator, Creating Connections for Children and Youth in Foster Care, Administration for Children and Families, 2012-2017
    • In this collaborative project in Washington State, the state child welfare and mental health agencies collaborate together with University faculty to implement a trauma symptoms screening for children and youth in foster care. This project engages workforce training approaches to assist with the use of screening results in case planning and improving communication and collaboration between child welfare and mental health practitioners.
  • Co-Investigator (Principal Investigators: Rick Barth & Leslie Rozeff), National Center for Child Welfare Curriculum Development on Evidence-Based Practices, 2013-2018
    • Key partner in this project whose aim is to "increase the effectiveness of the child welfare and children's behavioral health workforce through collaborative partnerships and evidence-based professional development."
  • Co-Investigator (Shannon Dorsey, PI), Improving Practice in Community-Based Settings: A randomized trial of supervision strategies, National Institutes of Health R01 2012-2017
    • This study examines the effectiveness of different types of supervision on promoting fidelity to Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy.
  • Co-Investigator (Robert McMahon and Lynn Katz, co-PIs), Parent training and emotion coaching for children with limited prosocial emotions, National Institute of Mental Health R34, 2014-2017
    • In this study, we are examining whether adding emotion coaching to a standard parenting intervention (Helping the Noncompliant Child) is more effective for children who have limited prosocial emotions.