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English Language Center

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English Language Center



The ELC offers 9 week intensive English language programs.

The university academic calendar operates on a quarter system. We offer intensive 9 week English language programs at the start of every quarter. All intensive programs meet for 20 hours per week.

ELC Quarters

Click here for program dates and academic calendars.

Students who attend our programs will improve their English, learn about U.S. academic skills, and be better prepared to succeed in a degree program. Programs focus on reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking and pronunciation.

We also offer elective classes that focus on Business Writing, Service Learning, American Culture (Colorado or Sports), Digital Magazine, Improvisation, and Culture, Safety and Empowerment.

ELC English Levels

Students take an English placement assessment when they arrive and are placed in one of the following 6 levels:

  • Level 1 - Foundations
  • Level 2 - Intermediate Low
  • Level 3 - Intermediate High
  • Level 4 - Advanced Low
  • Level 5 - Advanced High
  • Level 6 - Advanced Academic Strategies Certificate (AASC)

ELC Levels

Click here to download our English levels and classes.

Winter Interterm

Many students want to continue to improve their English between quarters. Between the end of the fall quarter and the start of the winter quarter, students can continue to study at the ELC during the Winter Interterm, from mid-November through mid-December. Students can choose from the following courses: English for Academic Success and Discovering Denver.




The University of Denver accepts students through English Conditional Admission (ECA).

English Conditional Admission is an option for all undergraduate students and some graduate student applicants to the University of Denver. ECA students must meet all admission requirements except their English proficiency.

Undergraduate students accepted through ECA will be required to study at the ELC full-time and successfully complete our LAUNCH Curriculum.


LAUNCH Curriculum

The LAUNCH Curriculum consists of students enrolling in 1 – 3 courses (4 - 12 credits) depending on their level and English needs.

  • Students can earn up to 12 credits toward a University of Denver degree.
  • Courses focusing on academic writing, speaking, and U.S. culture.
  • Students who successfully complete the LAUNCH Curriculum are fully admitted to their degree program.

Click here for more information about our LAUNCH Curriculum.




The ELC offers custom, short-term (1 - 4 week) programs through our Learn English at DU (LEADU) course for groups of students of 10 or more. Class content and activities are customized to meet the specific needs of groups.

LEADU students improve their English by using the University and the Denver community as a laboratory, allowing students to use English in real-life settings.

The course concentrates on English language study in the morning, followed by topic and activity-based classes in the afternoon. The program is designed to attract university students from around the world as well as executives and professionals in different fields.