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English Language Center

Degree Programs

English Language Center


Intensive English COurses

The English Language Center is an intensive English language program. 

Following a placement assessment upon arrival at the ELC, students are assigned to one of the following levels of English language study:

Foundations through Advanced High (5 levels)

  • 20 contact hours per week
  • Instruction in reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Elective classes in upper levels: Service Learning, Digital Magazine, Pronunciation, Improvisation, American Culture – Colorado, American Culture – Sports, Business Writing, and Culture, Safety and Empowerment

For a brief overview of each level and the classes, see the Curriculum Overview.

For a description of the range of possible levels of proficiency in the full ELC curriculum, see the ELC Proficiency Scale.

Launch Curriculum

English Language Credit

  • Students can earn up to 12 credits toward a DU degree
  • Courses focusing on academic writing, speaking, and U.S. culture

 For additional information see the LAUNCH Curriculum Overview.