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English Language Center

Degree Programs

Applying to the ELC

Tuition & Fees

The following tuition and fees are for 1 quarter (9 weeks) of study:

  • Tuition = $3,800
  • Health Center Fee = $190
  • Technology & Materials Fee = $78
  • University Activity Fee = $40
  • TOTAL = $4,108



The following are estimated fees for 1 quarter (9 weeks) and can vary per student:

  • Books = $250
  • Health Insurance = $650*
  • Living Expenses = $6,727
  • (Cost for 1 dependent = $1,320)**

*Students must either show proof of insurance from their country or purchase insurance online during registration. If a student brings health insurance from home, the minimum amount allowed should be at least $500,000 for medical expenses.

**If you are coming to the U.S. with a spouse or child(ren), please email us at


Bank Statement/Financial Guarantee

To receive an I-20 and be accepted to the ELC, students must provide an original bank statement or financial guarantee showing the following amounts:

  • $11,735 for 1 quarter (9 weeks) of study
  • $35,205 for 1 year (3 quarters) of study



Scholarships are available to students who want to study at the ELC. There are also scholarships available to international students interested in applying to a degree program at the University of Denver.

Click here to learn about our scholarship opportunities!