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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I ready to study at the ELC?

We invite students from around the world to improve their English language and academic skills here at the English Language Center (ELC) at the University of Denver.

The ELC offers intensive English language program. To be successful here, we recommend students have some knowledge or prior study of English before they begin. The ELC does not offer English courses for true beginners. Students must be able to read, write and speak English well enough to talk about themselves, their home and family, and understand basic classroom commands.

If a student arrives at the ELC for orientation and tests into a true beginner level, he or she will may be asked to transfer to another program.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The ELC offers 10 week intensive English programs where students can place in one of four levels: Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced, or University Transitions. The ELC curriculum consists of Academic Skills and Communication Skills Classes, as well as Focus Classes with concentrations in Business & Entrepreneurship, STEM, and U.S. Culture.

  • Academic Skills classes focus on academic reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills through a variety of learning activities.
  • Communication Skills classes focus on practical language use in meaningful and authentic activities and introduces students to U.S. culture.

Our teachers will make sure you are ready to progress from one ELC level to the next level. Level progression is determined by your English language proficiency. To progress from one level to the next, students must:

  1. Show academic progress by meeting expectations in the course learning outcomes checklist
  2. Pass course work with 70% or higher
  3. Achieve the score needed to level up in the objective final assessment.

If a student does not meet these 3 criteria, they must repeat the level. Due to the structure of our curriculum, students may need to repeat a level multiple times until they have shown an increase in proficiency to move on to the next level. If a student is not exhibiting academic progress due to absences and failing grades, they will be dismissed with a possibility of appeal which may result in academic probation. If a student does not show academic progress due to other factors and/or needs to repeat for a third time, there will be an administrative review with the student's instructors and Associate Director.

What are your application requirements?

As a new ELC student, you will need to submit the following to complete your application:

  1. A copy of the passport name page
  2. A bank statement or letter of financial guarantee showing sufficient funds
  3. A non-refundable application fee paid with a credit card or Paypal
  4. A completed application with all required documents requested by our Admission staff

If you are a transfer student, you are also required to upload and submit a copy of the following documents

  1. U.S. Visa
  2. Latest school transcript
  3. I-20 from current school

If you have all the above documents, you can apply today!

Do I have to take an English Level Test?

We want to make sure all ELC students are placed in the correct level. As a new ELC student, you can take an online English language proficiency assessment. Students accepted to a 10-week program will receive a code to take the Duolingo English Test for free.

As a substitute to Duolingo, students may also choose to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam at their own cost. Scores on the TOEFL and IELTS are only accepted if taken within  90 days from the start of the quarter. Students can upload scores to their ELC application.

Students are assessed for placement into one of the four English levels:
  • Foundations
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • University Transitions
Can I upload all my documents to my application?

Yes, all your documents (passport, bank statement/financial guarantee, English test scores) can be uploaded to our online application.

How can I pay the application fee?

The application fee can be paid by credit card when submitting your application.

When is your application deadline?

Applications are accepted until all classroom spaces are filled. We recommend you submit your application as soon as possible to ensure acceptance to the quarter of your choice.

I already submitted my application. What is the next step?

Thank you for submitting your ELC application! We work as quickly as possible to review all applications. It takes our admissions staff several days to review and process applications. We will send updates by e-mail to inform you if any documents are missing from your application. Please check your email or email our Admissions staff at

How long before I get my acceptance documents and I-20?

When we receive your completed application with all required documents, it will take approximately 5 - 7 days to prepare your I-20 Certificate of Eligibility and other acceptance documents.

Students are responsible for setting up shipment of their I-20 via e-Ship Global. Our Admission staff will send you an email with instructions for how to setup shipment of your I-20. It usually takes another 5 - 7 days for you to receive your I-20 after it has been shipped.

Can I choose my English level?

ELC students are placed in one of four levels based on their English test score submissions: Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced, or University Transitions. Students are placed into the correct level based on these tests and cannot choose their English level. Our instructors have years of experience placing students in the correct level!

When do classes begin and end?

The English Language Center is on the quarter system and offers 10-week programs throughout the year in the fall quarter, winter quarter, spring quarter, and summer quarter. Please refer to our academic calendars for specific program dates.

Our 10 week programs meet for 20 - 24 hours per week. We hold classes Monday - Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. There are no classes on Friday.

What are the costs?

Please refer to our tuition and fees page for updated cost and bank statement/financial guarantee requirements.

Do I need health insurance?

The University of Denver and the State of Colorado require all students to have health insurance.

You can show proof of insurance from your home country or purchase insurance online during registration. Medical insurance coverage must begin the day a student enters the U.S. This video helps explain how health insurance in the U.S. works and how to get care when you are sick or injured.

For more information about health insurance please visit the Health and Counseling Center.

What is the difference between the health fee and health insurance?

The health fee allows you to see DU doctors for minor illnesses, like a sore throat or a cold, for no additional cost.

Health insurance covers major injuries and hospital stays. If you are sick, you can visit the DU doctors first and they can usually treat you. If not, they can help arrange for you to go to the hospital or see a specialist. This video helps explain how health insurance in the U.S. works and how to get care when you are sick or injured.

Does admission to ELC give me admission to the University of Denver?

No. You must apply separately to the ELC and to the University of Denver. You can receive English Conditional Admission (ECA) to the university's undergraduate programs. This mean that after you have met the English language requirement, you can be admitted fully to the University of Denver.

For undergraduate programs, visit the Office of International Admission for more information.

For graduate programs, visit the Office Of Graduate Education for more information.

Can I work while studying at the ELC?

Immigration regulations allow international students to work part time (less than 20 hours per week) on campus while studying at the ELC.

Students interested in finding employment should contact Human Resources at 1-303-871-3460 or visit their website. Student will also need to work with an advisor at the International Student & Scholars Services (ISSS) office. A student working on campus must obtain a social security number. A student must have a job before s/he is allowed to get a social security number. The supervisor will write a letter to the Social Security Administration regarding the job. The ELC curriculum is demanding and it is not recommended that full-time students have a job.

For more information please visit the ISSS webite.

I have a concern or complaint about the ELC. What can I do?

Any student enrolled at the English Language Center (ELC) at the University of Denver has the right to register a formal complaint for any issue or grievance. In order to register a formal complaint, please click the link below to submit your complaint.

When a student complaint/concern is completed, the ELC Director or Associate Director will review the concern and then contact the student for a meeting, as needed, to discuss how best to resolve the issue. It is the policy of the ELC to handle grievances promptly and with concern and care for everyone involved.

ELC Student Concern/Complaint Form.