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Student Life

The ELC offers its students a variety of learning and cultural experiences throughout each quarter. Field trips provide students with the opportunity to explore the outdoors in Colorado or participate in other local attractions such as museums, sporting events, musical and theatrical productions, IMAX and bowling. During the year, the ELC also holds fun activities such as picnics, a Halloween party, ice skating, and potlucks.

Class visits to local schools, businesses, TV stations, newspaper offices and supermarkets provide good learning experiences which coordinate with in-class assignments. Conversation Hours and the Conversation Partner Program provide opportunities for students to practice their speaking and listening skills.

ELC students can participate on the University of Denver's intramural teams such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. We have been a proud sponsor of many ELC teams!

The End of Quarter Celebration is held in honor of the students who have successfully completed the Advanced High level.  Graduates receive certificates at this ceremony, and students who have had perfect attendance or special academic achievements are also recognized.

Please visit the ELC Facebook page for more photos of student events.