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CWLC-0012 – Hindi for You! (CWLC-0012_217134)

Hindi for You! is a non-credit program dedicated to self-directed and motivated learners who seek the opportunity to study a less-commonly taught language not available through traditional classroom instruction at DU. Learners will be part of a small cohort (2-5 members) supported by a native speaker of Hindi who will be their Language Partner. To complete the program, learners are expected to commit to a regular schedule of independent study and attend two weekly sessions with their language partner: once with their cohort, and once for a one-on-one with their language partner. As such, this program allows for the development of linguistic and cultural competence through active conversation while providing personalized learning.

Note that due to the tailored nature of this program, there is no refund available.
Course Details
Location: University ParkMode of Study: In-personPlaces Left: 3Waitlist Places Left: 5Fee: $400


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