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ENRICH-0659 – Food In-Person: Vegan French Charcuterie (ENRICH-0659_VEG)

Healthy French Charcuterie and Entertaining

In France, they call it apéro—the U.S. version of happy hour where friends and family gather after work with food and drink—usually wine and charcuterie board before dinner. Though on the weekends, it can also be before lunch! There’s no doubt, the French have mastered the art of joie de vivre (joy of living). And apéro isn’t just about the food and drink, though those are certainly important. It’s more about relaxing with friends and taking a moment to reset and appreciate life with snacks like nuts, olives and charcuterie. But here’s an important question: Can you really enjoy apéro without salami, pâté or cheese? With considerations for the environment and eating healthier, some say apéro could disappear. Not if Chef Omar-Pierre Soubra has a say. As co-founder of Good Veg Foods and co-owner of Le Frigo in Boulder, Omar answers the question while also sharing how to prepare delicious vegan and plant-based food charcuteries to keep this tradition alive and turn you into an apéro chef yourself! Omar has created many original dinner recipes based on his French culture and his 17 years in the U.S. “I’m very passionate about food, and I love sharing my experience with people,” he says. Oh, and did we mention the class includes a tasting? Bon appétit!

One in-person session
Wed., Oct. 12, 2022, 7-9 pm MT

Chef Omar-Pierre Soubra is co-owner of Le Frigo, a French-style gourmet food market and deli in Boulder, and co-founder of Good Veg Foods, a new venture featuring vegan and plant-based foods. He served as president of the French American Chamber of Commerce for nine years.
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Location: University ParkMode of Study: In-personPlaces Left: 10Waitlist Places Left: 5Fee: $60


Days of the WeekStart DateEnd DateTimeVenueInstructor
Wednesday12th October 202212th October 202207:00PM - 09:00PMSturm HallOmar Soubra